Pastel colours: the most beautiful tones to wear


Spring is already upon us, and with it the trends for the new season have arrived: which ones are the most talked-about? The pastel colours! Delicate, romantic and fresh, the colours also called "sorbet" will be the must-haves to flaunt throughout spring-summer 2019.

The path is clear, so, for pastel pink and sky blue, for pale yellow and pastel green for clothing, jewellery, accessories and even on our heads! You saw right: just a glance on Instagram will show how so many fashion influencers this season are even colouring their hair in pastel colours.

If you love monochromatic looks, the show off pastel hues with their outfits. The question that springs up then, is this: how can we combine pastel colours with each other or with other nuances?

Here are our colour suggestions for spring-summer 2019!

#1 Pastel pink and how to wear it

The most romantic of pastel colours is undoubtedly pink delicate and tender, it can be worn in various ways in our outfits according to the effect we want to achieve. Are you looking for a day look that is extremely feminine, almost like a baby-doll? The perfect match for baby pink is therefore something in... Pink!

Se ami i look monocromatici, il total pink in pastel pink is an extremely refined choice of day outfit that will not go unnoticed. A two-piece suit with matching jacket and trousers and a simple T-shirt in the same nuance will be the perfect outfit for a work meeting, just like a light blouse combined with a pencil skirt.

But a look in total pink can also be created by composing a palette of juxtaposed shades of pink: baby pink can be matched with more vivid hues, like Schiaparelli pink or flamingo pink.

Pastel rose pearls

You can also opt for a total pink look with accessories, with a bracelet with pearls in shades of pink! Just match the charms with pastel pink Pearls with those in a more vivid pink and you're off!

#2 Pastel yellow: the sorbet colour for summer

The second must-have colour for spring-summer 2019 is pastel yellow, another very feminine and delicate shade. Perfect for summer, pale yellow is a warm and vibrant colour to combine with a whole range of varying nuances to create the perfect outfit for every occasion.

Are you looking for a touch of energy for a springtime look to show off at work? Pastel yellow is perfect: match a blouse in this hue to a skirt or a pair of trousers in grey or black.

You can also opt for a total pink look with accessories, with a bracelet with pearls in shades of pink! Just match the charms with pastel pink Pearls in this delicate hue.

Pastel Yellow Pearls

#3 All the combinations with the uber-fresh pastel green

Another pastel colour to flaunt during the warmer seasons is green in a tender and delicate tone, perfect to create looks to show off during the hottest days of our summer. Which colours should be combined with pastel green? The perfect pairing is with natural tones: cream and beige will be the ideal allies to this shade to create a refined look for your free time. A pastel green top can be combined with a pair of soft linen shorts or a full skirt for a more romantic look.

Pastel Green Pearls

Even in this case we cannot miss out on tone-on-tone accessories to complete the look: charms with coloured Pearls in pastel green, that complete the composable bracelet to match with this summer look.

#4 Pastel blue: the colour that brings the holidays to you

Pastel Blue or even sky blue is the fourth pastel colour for this spring-summer: how should it be worn for everyday looks? A sure combination for a perfect dreamer look to flaunt during your free time is with pastel pink. A pink and sky blue jacket and blouse can be combined with pastel pink. A pink and sky blue jacket and blouse can be combined with jeans and sneakers, for a simple but stylish look, while a pastel pink blouse can be worn with a romantic full skirt in sky blue, why not also in tulle.

Pastel blue not only pairs well with pink: some very interesting outfits can also emerge when this shade is combined with cream, pale yellow or pearl grey.

In this case, the result will be a more simple look, perfect to be worn also at work. The right accessory to wear? The Composable bracelet with pendant with coloured Pearls, this time in sky blue.

Baby Blue Pastel Pearls

#5 Pastel colours and white: a real baby-doll look

Pink, yellow, green and sky blue in their pastel hues are perfect to create combinations with white that are always fresh and lively, to give some colour to your summer, with a good dose of style! The combination for a real baby-doll? The white and pink combo, just like the Composable bracelet with the Double Link in Rose Gold and the flower in white Mother-of-pearl.