Men’s jewellery: 2018 trends call for rock-chic


The contemporary man always wants to look his best: every occasion has the right outfit that’s perfectly accessorized with the right jewellery. Accessories play a fundamental role in personalising your outfit and making it unique so that your personality is expressed through your look. Taking into consideration the most common trends for men in 2018, there’s one in particular which speaks loudly, clearly, and with conviction: rock-chic fashion.

Men who espouse this style love dark coloured clothing, from classic black or grey to shades of military green, taking the occasional risk by juxtaposing it against more flashy colours such as red, purple, or white. And it’s not just with colours: trendy shapes, combining clothing that brakes with tradition, also layering accessories.

Men’s fashion is becoming more eccentric while not renouncing that chicness which keeps it impeccable even when done up rock-and-roll style.

How can you create and personalise this trend? Discover how with our tips dedicated to all the guys who want to always rock!

Classic rock fashion for a look that’s casual but stylish

Certain iconic rock-and-roll fashion has become mainstream and is worn in everyday life. The grunge style striped t-shirt, ripped jeans, and studded leather biker jackets represent the most recognizable rock looks in men’s fashion. Over time these items have become must haves for every modern man.

An outfit comprised of a few basic pieces combined with the right accessories is the perfect way to express your personality.

Rubber Steelikons Bracelet Black Skull

Which rock jewellery should you wear with this kind of look? A bracelet which combines leather or rubber with stainless steel details is undoubtedly the right accessory to enhance your basic, everyday look.

We suggest the Steelikons skull bracelet: stainless steel charms are embellished with details like classic punk rock studs and symbols with black enamel that are immediately associated with the world of rock.

Men's Special Edition Mixit Bracelet

Simple yet totally rock and roll, the stainless steel Mixit bracelet is decorated with a thick chain: another jewellery option which goes perfectly with your everyday rock style.

The business rock-chic look for men

Who says you can’t go rock if you work in an office? It’s becoming more and more common to mix typical rock-and-roll clothing with more classic men’s pieces, adding that touch of class so the true rocker doesn’t have to hide his personality, not even in more rigid or formal settings.

For example? An all-black look where a t-shirt is worn together with a classic-cut suit jacket and is paired with a black leather biker jacket: rock, but with taste. A look this minimalist calls for accessories: but what’s the right men’s jewellery to add to this outfit?

Class Necklace in stainless steel with rectangle

Characterized by a minimalist and sober design, the Class necklace mixes perfectly for a look that wants to be rock and chic at the same time. The stainless steel necklace contains a rectangular pendant in black steel with a small sparkling gemstone.

Is your rock accessory of choice the bracelet? Keeping with an all-black theme, a great addition to this look is the Steelikons bracelet in black stainless steel with pyramids: a fierce geometric design for a bracelet that recalls the studs worn by hardcore punk rockers.

Composable Steelikons bracelet with black pyramids

Rock style for eveningwear

Who would’ve guessed that rock-and-roll style would combine well with your chicest outfits for special evenings out? Here too we need to apply the art of mixing different elements of style and movement. Eveningwear rock goes glam: studs mix with sparkle, dark colours are paired with vibrant, shocking shades. The look is all about going big, even for men.

Leather becomes the focal point, and jackets are adorned with precious trimmings: metallic brocades, glitter and sparkling details, laminated fabrics. Rock-chic gets eccentric and is completed with accessories. If your outfit is really flashy, your jewellery can be a simple, shiny detail worn like an afterthought.

Trendsetter Bracelet with two engraved ropes

A thin stainless steel bracelet decorated with a Swarovski inlay, or slightly more showy bracelet, like one from the Trendsetter Collection for men, work perfectly. We’ve chosen a dark Link bracelet with a fashion-forward detail, such as two engraved ropes.