The meaning of symbols: history, origins and metaphors


The world is made of symbols. The word “symbol” comes from the Latin symbolum, that comes from the Greek symbolon, or “sign”. Signs, gestures, objects, animals, stones symbols are a way to comprehend spirituality. We are familiar with symbols, we “live” them, but often we do not really know their true meaning or their origin.

Nomination takes you on a journey through the most beautiful and interesting symbols, to make your own, to wear or to give to someone you care about. Discover Nomination jewellery with symbols that are connected to your life.

The Meaning of the Infinity Symbol

We are surrounded by so many symbols, like the infinity symbol. Where does this strange horizontal 8 come from? We see it in so many objects and even tattoos. This symbol comes to us from the world of mathematics and first made an appearance with the cross of San Bonifacio. But the true “inventor” of the infinity symbol seems to be the English mathematician John Wallis in 1655.

IThe infinity symbol is used in mathematics and physics to represent all natural numbers or other elements that are without end. But even if space around us is infinite, we can all be the centre of the universe! Create your own Nomination Composable Bracelet to keep this top of mind and add a double Link in sterling silver with the Infinity symbol; engrave a phrase or word that truly represents you or someone you love.

The Butterfly and its Symbolic Meaning

As Herman Hesse said, a butterfly is something special, it is different from other animals yet is the essence of an animal. As emblematic of the ephemeral as it is of the eternal, the butterfly, through time and cultures has become the symbol of metamorphosis. In Japan the butterfly is a symbol of beauty. If you are going through a really important time of change and inner growth in your life, nothing symbolises this time better than a butterfly. So fly free like a butterfly and choose a gorgeous bracelet in sterling silver with a butterfly pendant.

The Tree: Its Symbolic Meaning

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As far back as time goes the tree has been a universally present symbol, in paintings, miniatures, everywhere. From the biblical Tree of Life with its powerful symbolic meaning, to that of the Sioux tribe at the center of the circle of the world, the tree is a universal and archetypal symbol, one that connects the earth to the heavens. Its roots steadfastly anchored to its origins while its branches reach up, moving, growing, and evolving. Celebrate the importance of life and love with a bracelet with a sterling silver Tree of Life pendant from the Classic Nomination Composable Collection - a perfect idea to celebrate a new birth!

The Key: What Meaning is Locked into this Symbol?

Pendants shaped like keys or with the key symbol in ancient time were given as coming-of-age gifts for becoming an adult and a sign of the responsibilities within a family. In the Far East, a key is considered a token of “good luck”. Show the world that you are ready to take on life with a ready-assembled Composable Classic bracelet with the key symbol and the word Life and white Cubic Zirconia.

The Meaning Behind the Moon

“The moon, like a flower in heaven's high bower, with silent delight sits and smiles on the night.” wrote poet William Blake. The moon has always inspired and fascinated mankind, in poetry and in art. An object with many symbolic meanings, from femininity, fertility but also death and rebirth of the night; an allegory for the eternal return and the cycle of life. Choose a necklace with the moon-shaped pendant as the perfect gift for someone who loves to dream.

The Meaning of the Yin and Yang symbol

The concept of Yin and Yang is ancient and is at the heart of Chinese philosophy and thought. The symbol of duality in every element in the Universe: two opposite, complimentary entities that form one single thing. Like the night, that cannot exist without the day, and viceversa. Each is a part of the other in both Time and Space, creating a Microcosm and a Macrocosm.

Yin represents the Female side of nature while Yang represents the Male side of Nature. Wear this symbol of the natural world and keep it with you with Nomination’s Link pair with Yin and Yang symbols. One for you and one to gift to someone who completes you, from the #ONEFORMEONEFORYOU Collection.

The Egyptian Eye and the Greek Eye: A World of Meaning

The ancient Egyptians believed that the eye of Horus, god of the heavens and the Sun) was a sign of regality and perfection. This symbol also known as the Egyptian Eye, is one of complex meaning. Once painted on the prow of ships and used in funeral rites as a guide through this world and beyond, this symbol of prosperity and good health is a lovely way to wish the very best to those who are close to your heart; you can choose a Composable Link in 18K with black enamel.

Almost everyone has heard of the Greek Eye, with its deep blue hues, but do you know what it means? It is also known as the “Eye of Allah” or “Nazar” in countries that observe the Muslim faith, like Turkey, and it is often used as a talisman against the “Evil Eye” since ancient times. But why blue? Because in the countries bathed by the Aegean sea it was very rare to see someone with blue eyes and so the superstition gained ground that people with blue eyes brought bad luck, hence the blue hue. Today we might not be so worried about crossing paths with some baby-blues, but if you want to give someone a pretty symbol of good luck then choose the Link in 18K gold with natural hard stones.

The Meaning Behind the Dragonfly

Particular but elegant, the dragonfly is a symbol of transformation and change, meditation and contemplation, of a journey beyond appearances in search of true identity. In European culture, the dragonfly is considered a symbol of freedom, peace and the search for the truth. Express yourself freely with a beautiful Link with the symbol of a dragonfly in 18K gold.

The Hamsa, the Hand of Fatima: Spiritual Significance

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The Hamsa, or Hand of Fatima, is an esoteric symbol that comes to us from ancient female divinities, symbolism originating with the ancient peoples Sumerians and Babylonians. This emblem is still widely used today in all of the Middle East; in the Muslim faith it represents patience, seriousness, faith, self-control and temperance. The Hamsa is known also in the Jewish faith as the Hand of Miriam, Moses’ sister, as well as in the Eastern Orthodox faith. Express your internal spirituality with a Link in stainless steel with a Hamsa pendant in sterling silver and white CZ stones.

The Knot and Its Symbolic Significance

A symbol of unity, of promises, love, marriage but also for family relations and a connection to one’s community. For the Ancient Egyptians knots represented eternal life. In Chinese symbolism the knot is a symbol of good fortune and is the embodiment of positive energy needed to overcome an obstacle. The knot is also a nautical unit of measurement and is linked to the sea. Get Him a Trendsetter bracelet with a nautical knot to personalise with Classic Composable Links.

The Turtle and Its Symbolic Significance

The Turtle is linked both to the universe as well as to the earth and symbolises wisdom and is the voice of the truth in many a fable. For the ancient Maya the turtle was linked to the stars and the constellations and its shell represented the heavens; Orion’s shield is called turtle in the Yucateca language and the god of the moon is portrayed with a shield formed of turtle shells. The turtle represents tenacity, resilience, strength and also longevity. If you feel a bond with this particular animal, the Turtle symbol is a Must Have Link for you.

And so our journey through some of the world’s most celebrated symbols throughout the history and cultures of the world. Make sure to choose Nomination jewellery with the symbols that best represent you and gift Nomination jewellery to those who are close to you heart and show them how well you know them.