Gifts for your maid of honour and best man? Check out Nomination’s suggestions


The big day is nearing and it’s time to finalize the last details! Organising a wedding is no small feat, and on a day as important as this one, everything has to be perfect. But the bride and groom don’t have to go it alone: parents, friends and family are there to help get everything ready in time for the ceremony.

Of all the people helping out the wedding couple, there are two who really stand out: the maid of honour and best man! Usually they’re chosen from among the people closest to them: friends or family who’ve known the couple for a long time, who’ve maybe even been there to witness the beginning of the great love story that’s led them to their wedding day. It’s tradition to give a special gift to your bridal party, especially to your maid of honour and best man: a small gesture to thank them for standing by you on this wonderful day, as well as for all the love and support they’ve given you throughout the years. So they should get a party favour that’s different than the one you’re giving all the other guests: something unique that’s more personal and meaningful.

More and more, the bride and groom are starting to break with tradition and get a personalised gift for each of the bridesmaids and groomsmen. It’s a nice way to thank them for everything they’ve done for us and to show them just how much we appreciate their effort and hard work during this busy period.

Just what are the perfect gifts to give the wedding party? Keep in mind their tastes, their personalities, their passions: it should be something original, significant. We’ve created a selection of jewellery for him and for her that’ll make the perfect bridesmaids and groomsmen gifts. Let’s take a closer look at the right jewellery for the men and women who’ll stand beside the bride and groom on their big day!

Gift ideas for your bridesmaids and maid of honour

Are your bridesmaids amazing women you want to surprise with jewellery that shows them just how much they mean to you? You’re sure to find the perfect jewel for each type of woman from among Nomination’s selection!

Mixit stretch bracelet with good luck charms

The maid of honour is often a sister or a best friend: someone with whom you’ve shared so much, from moments of joy to your most difficult situations, always side by side. Wish her the very best in life with a bracelet with a good luck charm!

May she or some of your bridesmaids are more into minimalist jewellery that adds an elegant touch to every moment of the day? The Mixit Stretch Bracelet is also available without charms, adorned simply with mini spheres.

A great option for a special gift that’s always well received is a bracelet decorated with their birthstone. Among our Composable jewellery, you’ll see these amazing Bracelet with coloured PVD 9K rose gold finish, which are engraved with their birth month and are decorated with their corresponding birthstone!

Is your maid of honour a strong, refined woman with a lot of class? Then it sounds like a pair of earrings she can wear on her most elegant evenings out is the perfect gift. The drop earrings from the Armonie Collection are exactly what you’re looking for: elegant sterling silver earrings decorated with oval-shaped charms.

Armonie earrings with pendants
Armonie Long necklace with pendants

Why not get a necklace instead? During the hotter months of the year it’s one of the most popular accessories, worn with summer dresses and light, airy blouses. The Armonie jewellery line offers different options in precious sterling silver, like the long necklace with oval-shaped charms that can be worn with so many different looks!

Want more gift ideas for your bridesmaids and maid of honour? Discover our full selection of jewellery dedicated to this occasion and choose the jewellery that’s right for her!

And for him? Tons of gift ideas for your groomsmen and best man

The guys also deserve a special gift: what’s the perfect jewellery to give your best man? If you’re a bit lost and are looking for tips for how to thank such a great guy, never fear: we’ve also got a selection of ad hoc jewellery for this occasion!

The men’s accessory that’s easy to wear on any occasion is without a doubt the bracelet. A stainless steel version that’s embellished with cool details could be the perfect accessory in this case. How about the Trendsetter bracelet decorated with a knot?

Trendsetter bracelet with knot

A Trendsetter bracelet is the perfect jewellery for the man who wants to always look his best. It comes with a plaque that’s decorated with interesting symbols. For your groomsmen, we suggest the bracelet with two engraved ropes with polished finishing.

Is your best man a combination of rock and roll and great style, able to perfectly marry the two? Choose jewellery from the line which perfectly reflects his personality: the stainless steel Steelikons bracelet with studs is definitely the Nomination jewellery that’s right for him!

Are you looking for a gift which shows each of the groomsmen just how well you know them, which reflects their hobbies and interests?

Composable Classic Bracelet with motorcycle

Then the Composable bracelet is the perfect jewellery: composable, customisable, and one-of-a-kind, just like the guys in your wedding party! For the man who loves travel and throwing himself into an adventure, choose the bracelet decorated with charms dedicated to a mind-blowing motorcycle ride!

A bracelet isn’t exactly what you had in mind? Our jewellery selection dedicated to your best man and groomsmen doesn’t limit itself to just this one accessory. All about vacation, travel, the sea and sailing, the Voyage Collection includes great jewellery that’s just for him: how about a stainless steel key chain embellished with details in gold and coloured hematite?

Voyage Keychain with Marlin Simbol

Still undecided about what gift to get your groomsmen and best man? Discover our complete selection of jewellery dedicated to him on our website!