A lucky pendant or charm for a year full of wonderful surprises


The New Year is here and with it expectations, projects and dreams to make come true. Now you need a touch of good fortune to make it all happen. Whether you are superstitious or not, a touch of good luck every day certainly can’t hurt and this is where good luck charms come in.

There are all kinds of good luck charms but the best kind are those that are both precious and fashionable! Discover all of our lucky pendant charms and personalise your bracelet with them Link by Link. Which is your favourite good luck symbol?

Tree of Life Charm Link: Meaning and Curiosities

The Tree of Life symbol has many different meanings in cultures around the world but its universal significance is one of prosperity, strength and abundance.

Composable Classic Link Tree of Life

The tree is a symbol of life, with solid roots, like family and relationships with others, many leaves that represent wealth and prosperity and fruits to represent opportunity to take as it comes, without hesitation.

Unicorn Charm Link: Loads of Magical Meaning!

The Unicorn is a beautiful animal of legend that has always fascinated children in fairy tales but lately it has also become a fashion icon. Beyond the runway, however, this image is rich with meaning passed on from generation to generation through legends and stories. It is said that a unicorn reveals itself only to those who are pure of heart thus giving a wonderful gift to those who are so lucky to behold them. Wisdom, safety and good luck are the gifts brought by a Unicorn Pendant Charm to those who wear it on their lucky bracelet. Is this your new good luck charm?

Four-leaf Clover Charm Link: A Classic for Good Fortune

The Four-leaf Clover has always been a lucky charm but do you know why? From times long-past it was believed that if you found the very rare four-leafed clover in a sea of three-leafed clovers, you would have good fortune.

Composable Classic Link Four Leaf-Clover

What’s more the four-leaf clover is also a sign of hope, faith and love in addition to good luck. Give the gift of good fortune to someone you love and add the Four-leaf Clover to a personalised Composable bracelet.

Hand of Fatima Charm Link: Many Cultures, Many Meanings

The Hand of Fatima is a symbol linked to Muslim and Jewish cultures with origins in ancient times.

This symbol has always been rich with spiritual significance and as often happens has more recently been adopted by Western cultures in the form of a charm to wear as an amulet on jewellery.

Depending on how it is positioned, with the fingers pointing up, the Hand of Fatima becomes a symbol of strength and power while, when the fingers point down, it becomes a symbol of patience, love and good fortune.

Anchor Charm Link: One Symbol Contains Many Meanings

Composable Classic Link Anchor

The anchor is one of the most-loved symbols in jewellery and tattoos, but not just as a decorative element, but also thanks to its many profound meanings, most with their origin in world of navigation, given that an anchor is a fundamental part of any ship.

The Anchor has always symbolised the safety of a port in a storm but also hope for the future and faith. Choose the anchor charm as a lucky charm during any new trip or adventure in life.

Butterfly Charm Link: The Unexpected Good Luck Charm

The form of a butterfly is often chosen for jewellery and decorative elements simply for its beauty while in reality this creature has much more profound meanings as a symbol. The significance of this symbol is linked to the idea of transformation, rebirth and illumination. This makes a butterfly charm the perfect good luck amulet for those who are going through a period of significant change to will help them come out stronger-than-ever on the other end.

Sea Turtle Charm Link: Resilience Through Time

Their ancient origins and ability to reach a very old age have always made sea turtles a powerful symbol. Thanks to this resilience the sea turtle has become a symbol of wisdom, strength, resilience and tenacity. The sea turtle charm is the perfect lucky charm for those with ambitious plans.

If you have not yet found the perfect lucky pendant charm, you can browse our selection of good luck charms for your precious bracelet to personalise Link by Link and choose from birthstones for every zodiac sign or good luck charms in sterling silver.

Composable Classic Link Turtle