Back to school: a little token to mark the return to school


The summer holidays are about to end: so many memories have been made during these hot, carefree days, so many happy moments to relive with a pinch of nostalgia over the colder months. It is now time to return to daily life and routine: work, errands and school.

Especially for the little ones, going back to school after the holidays can be particularly complicated: they still want to get lost without a care in fun and in their hobbies, which can make the return to the school desk more difficult. How can we make our kids and teens happier when school begins after the summer holidays?

A gift for the first day of school can be that kind wish to give them an incentive to face the new school year with grit and enthusiasm. A little lucky charm with a unique and personal meaning that will accompany your loved one on a long path built of successes and satisfactions.

What are the perfect gifts to wish the best to someone you love? Here are our suggestions for putting together the personalised bracelet that is perfect as a gift for the first day of school: precious Links, coloured charms and bracelets that are ready to wear, for a return, in style, to everyday life and study!

Bracelets and Links to remember the summer holidays

How better to begin the school year, than to carry the sweet memory of summer? The greatest blessing for the first day of school is a cheerful and colourful piece of jewellery, to start off another year at the school desk with an extra edge. Between the first lessons and the studying, the school year resumes during days still warm and full of sun: an elixir for a good mood and for the grit needed to face going back to the desk.

The Composable Link to add to a personalised bracelet that will always carry a little cheer around is the sunshine in zirconia.

An undisputed symbol of recent summers, the flamingo is a charm that decorates the second piece of jewellery for a return to the school desk in great style. The Composable bracelet with this lovely little pink animal is perfect to be worn even by little ones, because, just like all the bracelets in the collection, it can be adjusted to the wrist according to sizing requirements.

Composable classic Link Little Boy

The Link of the baby with the hat is colourful, sweet and witty: the perfect charm for the bracelet to give to a little boy for his first day of school.

Going back to school and to daily life: a piece of jewellery to celebrate it cheerfully

Books, books and more books: school can sometimes be extremely demanding, with all those pages to study and homework to do. But books are not the enemy of kids and teens: reading is an unparalleled pleasure, and nothing can incite the imagination and fantasy like those beautiful stories to read in enjoyable moments.

We commemorate the pleasure of reading for the little ones: let us release it from its association with scholarly duties and rediscover it with children and teens in its most enjoyable form! The Composable Link with the gold book is the perfect representative of this passion we must cultivate together.

Beginning the new school year does not only mean returning to books and to studying, but also to getting back into good daily habits that the more relaxing rhythms of the summer holidays have interrupted.

This is the moment to get back into sports or even simply to get moving a bit, maybe even deciding to get to school by bike or taking a nice walk around the city, to distract from the return to routine.

How can we remember these good habits? Keeping them always with you with your own personalised bracelet! The Versailles bicycle Link is the perfect charm for a piece of jewellery to give to a girl for this purpose!

Composable Classic Link Bike La vie en rose

Good habits, like sports, are naturally maintained through perseverance and enthusiasm, but allowing a few moments of indulgence is certainly not going to do any harm!

Composable Classic Link Lollypop with enamel

Actually, getting back to the desks requires plenty of energy to get the new school year off on the right foot. A little sweetness, then, can’t hurt: here are the sweet-tooth Links to give to a girl to wish her a sweeter return!

Not just study, but also fun!

Going back to school does not have to be just homework, study and lessons. Returning to the desk also means getting to see your old classmates, as well as representing the occasion to make new friends.

Very often the people we meet at school are those that will be at our sides all our lives: this is why celebrating friendship with the Composable Friendship bracelet is the best way to start off the new year.

Composable Classic Bracelet with Friendship

And we’ll tell you the truth: school can also be fun, because the moments we pass with classmates can never be repeated, and once a few years have passed, kids will remember these times with nostalgia. What piece of jewellery, then, should you choose for them to wish them a first day of school full of fun? The adorable colourful unicorn!