Little Christmas gifts for special colleagues


Christmas is just over one month away: have you already purchased Christmas gifts for those who are important to you? Between preparing for the festivities and planning your holidays, there isn’t much time left to think of all the gifts you need to buy for friends and relatives. But take care not to forget anyone from your list of Christmas presents: have you thought of what to buy your colleagues yet?

With our colleagues, we share the joys and pain of everyday life: a little gift is in certainly order for all those who support us every day, and sometimes help us in our work. And there’s no need to spend a fortune: a little token is enough, maybe something with meaning for the person receiving and the person giving it.

We have put together a selection of jewellery pieces that are perfect for gifting to colleagues: tanti regali di Natale sotto i 50 euro, all bearing the Nomination signature, to dedicate to her and to him.

Christmas gifts for female colleagues under 50 euro

What should we gift to a colleague who has been by our side through many long working days? There are plenty of options.

Wishes Bracelet with friendship pendant

Above all, let’s think of our relationship with them: after sharing everything with them for many hours every day, they are no longer simply colleagues, but real friends. So this Christmas, why not gift them a symbol of your friendship?

The Wishes bracelet with a dedicated pendant is a piece of jewellery that comes with a small price tag, perfect for a colleague whom we couldn’t do without.

Another sweet idea for telling a colleague how important they are to us is to gift a piece of personalised jewellery just for her.

Composable Double Link with Snowflake

You might think that personalised jewellery always comes with a hefty price tag, but this isn’t the case: a personalised engraving on the Nomination Double Link with snowflake, is a little token with a small price, to surprise someone who is special to us.

To ensure that you don’t go wrong, choose a perfect piece of jewellery to be worn at any time of day: such as a steel ring with stone and gold detailing, for example, which is subtle and elegant at the same time, and can be worn by both sportier girls as well as women of class.

Christmas presents for every kind of colleague: the eccentric and the hopeless romantic

We all have a colleague who is a little off-beat: striking in their clothing and fashion, they always manage to downplay everything and bring a smile to everyone’s face, even during the most stressful days. Could you do without her? Probably not - so why not tell her this with a gift chosen especially for her: the Composable bracelet with a pendant symbol that reads “unique like a unicorn”.

For a colleague who is a romantic and a dreamer, ready to spread serenity and hopes wherever she goes, the perfect Christmas gift must surely be our Gioie Bracelet, decorated with a beating heart of Cubic Zirconia and an engravable plaque, upon which you can compose a unique and personalised message.

Christmas gifts for male colleagues: gifts below 50 euro

Now let’s turn to our male colleagues: what should we give to a work colleague who makes us smile every day, making our days a little less laborious? What are the perfect gifts for wishing them the best Christmas imaginable?

Composable classic bracelet with friendship

For men, too, we can find jewellery pieces to let them know that they are more friends than colleagues: the Composable Classic bracelet with Friendship text an accessory symbolising everlasting friendship, is the perfect way to do this.

There are also options for jewellery with a personalised engraving: for him, too: our suggestion is the Trendsetter bracelet decorated with the anchor which can be engraved with a personalised message on the reverse. For a truly personal wish, for someone who has, over time, become a true friend and someone you can always rely on.

Trendsetter bracelet with boat wheel

A gift for every kind of colleague: the rocker, the traveller, the businessman

For the colleague who loves accessories with a strong character, but above all rock music, the perfect gift is a bracelet that will never go unnoticed, has a strong soul and can be paired with all outfits that are casual but never without style: the Bond Streetstyle edition bracelet

Everyone loves long holidays and journeys towards unknown destinations that are waiting to be discovered: the Composable Travel Double Link, it is perfect as a Christmas gift for someone whose professionalism we admire.

Our final suggestion for a gift for a colleague: the round Class keyring enhanced with a diamond. An accessory that combines style and functionality.

Are you looking for other Christmas gift ideas with a low price? Discover the whole selection of Nomination jewellery below 50 euro!