Whoever finds a friend, finds a treasure: a gift for your best friend


A best friend is the person with whom you share smiles, laughter, jokes and wisecracks. A best friend is the one who is always there in the most beautiful moments, but also when we are a little down. In short, a true friend is always there, and that's why perhaps the most famous of the proverbs on friendship says: "Whoever finds a friend, finds a treasure".

That is why every now and then should thank our best friend, to remind them how important they are to us. You do not necessarily need a special occasion or a birthday to do it; in fact, surprise them! Even a simple "Thanks" becomes a meaningful gift when it is unexpected.

If you want to tell someone how much you treasure your friendship in an original way - but you do not know how to do it - here are some ideas for you. Let yourself be inspired by the most beautiful symbols and messages to dedicate to your best friend: here are the 10 Nomination Composable links that celebrate your friendship. Choose your favorites, put together your bracelet and dedicate it to the one you love.

#1 Joy Gold Composable Classic Link
Friendship is mainly composed of moments of joy. Here is a link to give to a person you would always like to see happy, to remind them to live every moment with a smile.

#2 BFF Composable Classic Link
Three letters symbolizing a unique and irreplaceable bond: BFF, or Best Friends Forever. A charm that both of you must wear, as a symbol of genuine and eternal friendship.

#3 Friendship Composable Classic Link
The most eloquent word ever, “Friendship”, which floats on a silver charm. The gift idea for the friend who has always been there and will always be there.

#4 Thank You Composable Classic Link
A sincere thank you is the greatest gift for a person you love: a precious message to tell the most important people we are really happy to have them next to us.

#5 Friendship Knot Composable Classic Link
A precious rose gold knot adorned with colored stones: is there a more emblematic charm than this to symbolize true friendship? A happy gift idea for a best friend.

#6 Swarovski Green Four-leaf Clover Composable Classic Link
The four-leaf clover is the most classic of lucky charm symbols: in this piece it is a brilliant charm to give to a person to whom you wish all the best in the world.

#7 Padlock Heart Pendant Composable Classic Link
How many secrets have you shared with your best friend? Here is the perfect gift for that special person who has also been a great counselor, as well as the guardian of so many whispered conversations!

#8 Lollipop Heart Composable Classic Link
A sweet heart-shaped lollipop to give to the most romantic friend, the one with whom you shared your childhood and probably many delicious treats!

#9 LOL Composable Classic Link
"Laugh out loud" or more simply "LOL": a message that sums up the essence of a friendship, which is made for all the shared laughs and carefree days spent together.

#10 Xoxo Heart Composable Classic Link
Here is a steel and silver link with a witty message to remind your best friend of all your affection.