Dog lover: always bring your dog with you!


After a full day of work, the frantic racing from one place to another while dealing with business and errands, city traffic and all the daily tasks and concerns, the only thing you want in the evening is to go home and relax. But what awaits us at home is even better than just relaxation: as a matter of fact, behind the door there is someone who has waited all day long for our return, ready to go wild as soon as we walk through the door.

Naturally, that someone is our super-faithful four-legged friend: our dog, who makes us feel comforted and cared for every time we return home. Needless to say, our life would be very different, less joyful, and much more ordinary, without our adorable dog.

For all the world's dog lovers, here are the Nomination Links dedicated to our little furry friends: there's something for all breeds and all occasions, so you can tell the story of your great friendship with your personalised Composable Bracelet!

#1 Composable Classic Link with Dog Charm in Gold
You never forget that first sweet look you shared with the puppy that would become your best friend: here is a precious dog-shaped charm that will always remind you of the moment you chose each other!

#2 Poodle pendant Composable Classic Link
Among the most famous dog breeds is the poodle, immediately recognizable for its soft, fluffy and curly fur. A charm in silver and enamel portrays it: here's the perfect link for those who love oh so charming poodles!

#3 Dog with white stones Composable Classic Link
Dogs are also beloved by children: how many little kids say that among their first wishes is to have a dog that they love? Here is a link decorated with a symbol in gold with white stones: a perfect gift idea for all kids who love dogs!

#4 Bone Composable Classic Link
Feeding time is one of the times of the day that our little dog waits for the longest, and one of the funnest: and what wouldn’t our dog do to get a between-meal snack?

#5 Scottish Terrier Composable Classic Link
Playful, independent and self-confident: Scottish Terriers are one of the oldest breeds, so much so that their origins are still unknown today. What is certain, however, is that the Scottish Terrier is one of the most charming dogs there are, with his very pronounced fluffy eyebrows and whiskers!

#6 My Dog Composable Big Link
Links dedicated to animal friends aren’t the only ones to add to your Composable Classic bracelet: double your affection with a Composable Big Link and always have your faithful dog with you, personalising the Composable Big bracelet!

#7 Dog Footprint Composable Big Link
Their scampering breaks the cold silence of our home, while footprints are the unmistakable proof of the little troubles that our puppies and little dogs sometimes get into at home.

Choose the Big Link with the footprint if you think that the ordinariness of being home without your faithful canine would be too boring.

#8 Sitting Brown Dog Composable Classic Link
The wait - which seems to be endless - before the master returns home: is there a better image to describe it, except the Link with the sitting dog in gold and enamel? Your four-legged friend can’t wait for you to get home soon!

#9 Dog Pendant with stones Composable Classic Link
If you are an animal lover, and you cannot go without a touch of glamour, what about this shiny little dog shaped charm? Made of silver and Cubic Zirconia, this pendant will make you sparkle even in the most mundane occasions!

#10 Black and White Dog Composable Link
The very famous animated film "101 Dalmatians" has made them one of the most beloved dog breeds: Dalmatians stand out from all the other dogs for their distinctive straight, white fur, adorned with black spots. Here is a link that reminds us of those cute puppies: an idea to create a perfect piece of jewellery for kids!