Italy, good wine and excellent food: the go-to places


Italian beauties are famous all over the world: not only when it comes to monuments, arts and landscapes, but also for food and wine tourism! No surprise the mediterranean diet, to whom italian food tradition belongs to, has been included in the Unesco Intangible Cultural Heritage List in 2010.

A few regions specifically are rich in local products that are still produced as they used to in the past: things to be discovered, such as the lands that host such a treasure. Which territories are we talking about? We are referring to the areas of Central Italy where it looks like time has stopped, and where the still untouched nature of the countryside offer solace to who is willing to escape the chaos of the city: Tuscany, Umbria and Marche.

Here’s a short guide to the enogastronomic itineraries of the most beautiful italian countrysides: the products, the food and the typical wines not to be missed during an all-Italian vacation, alongside with, of course, the most “tasty” Links to be added to your Composable bracelet to remember it!

A tour of Tuscany, the land of Chianti

Rich in beauties to be discovered, such as historical cities and breathtaking landscapes, Tuscany undoubtedly is one of the most recommended places to start your discovery journey of italian enogastronomic tradition from. Which is the area we really can’t miss if we want to discover the region’s specialties? Chianti area.

Geographically speaking, it lies amongst Florence and Siena counties and it discloses itself as a spectacular rural landscape: gentle hills, vineyards and olive groves, where the only non-green cracks are given by small villages and old ancient “case coloniche”. Which are the local delicacies? From the combination of the genuineness of the local products, Panzanella is one of the not-to-be-missed dishes, made with stale Tuscan bread, toasted and seasoned with fresh tomatoes, onions, cucumbers and basil. Most certainly, to go alongside with a good glass of Chianti wine, the iconic local production: the Link to dedicate to your vacation in the Tuscan countryside is the one reminding of the excellent local red wine!

However, you can’t leave this amazing area without having paid a visit to the main towns surrounding it.

Florence, the capital city of the region, is the quintessentially city of art: monuments, museums and art galleries are around each corner, and you can actually feel Renaissance in the air. It’s impossible not to fall in love with it! The perfect souvenir to always keep the memory of it it’s the Link dedicated to Florence Cathedral Dome.

Another historical town in the area is Siena, one of the most beautiful places in Tuscany, where everything reminds of the Middle Age. The symbol of the city is, in fact, the famous Piazza del Campo, unique for its shell-shape and renowned all over the world for the twice-a-year Medieval horse-race taking place in it, the Palio di Siena. Is there a better way of always keeping it next to you other than a Link to be added to your bracelet?

Staying in Siena’s areas, a stop in San Gimignano, another little medieval gem to be discovered and which historic centre is a Unesco World Heritage site, a good reason to stop there to admire its beauty and to keep the memory of it with the special Link, is mandatory.

Umbria, a culinary tradition on its own

Italy’s heart, Umbria, is a land to be discovered, both for the beauties you can admire and the food you can try. The typicality of the local kitchen lies all in its uniqueness: as it hasn’t been subjected to the influence of the surrounding regions, it is still true to its origins coming from ancient populations.

The delicious and internationally renowned cold cuts produced in Norcia (such as the famous Prosciutto IGP), coming from the best local pork meats, the cereal and legumes based dishes and the tasty first courses, such as strozzapreti, similar to tagliatelle but shorter and thicker, to be paired with a rich ragù.

Whether they are strozzapreti, tagliatelle or penne, Italy is definitely known all over the world for the quality of its excellent pasta, a dish not to be missed whenever in Italy you decided to go on vacation to. The Link to be added to your Composable to remember an Italian holiday can only be a tasty dish of steaming pasta.

Umbria is the only region of the peninsular area of Italy with no direct access to the sea and it’s mostly hilly. It is a land of untouched landscapes and sinuous valleys, scattered with ancient villages. Another perfect Link to pay homage to this region is, in fact, the one dedicated to the territory: a landscape reminding of green sunkissed Umbria hills

Another typical feature of Italy is the warm welcome italians address to their guests. It’s easy to feel at home in Umbria, as you are pampered with good food, good company, smiles and conviviality wherever you go. Here’s a bracelet summing up all of these values, to keep the memory of this passionate and lively experience.

Marche, an heterogeneous landscape for a multifaceted kitchen

A varied region, extending from the Apennine mountains to the Adriatic coast: we are talking about Marche, whose enogastronomic tradition is as multifaceted as its beautiful landscapes are.

Over 20 controlled denominations of origin come from the vineyards of the region, that has been the first one to rely exclusively on local grapes for wine production. The most famous grape in Marche is Verdicchio, from which the same name’s white wine is famous all over Italy. If you are lucky enough to try it in its production area, you have to keep the memory with the good Link.

Vines in Marche region offer a wide selection of white, red, dry and sweet wines, to go with any kind of food. In the case you’re vacation has been organised for wine tasting, here’s another Link to be added to your Composable: a wine bottle, representing the wide variety of Marche region wines.

As for food, there are several Adriatic fish specialties, but also cured and cold meats with different levels of richness in flavour.

Heterogeneity is the main feature of Marche region, to be discovered with a tour from the mountains to the sea, savouring the specialties we find along the route.

How to choose the good Link for this vacation? If it was love for food the thing that led you there in the first place, the Link to be added to your Composable is a table set...wholeheartedly!