International Cat Day 2019: 5 new reasons to love it


On August 8th we celebrate a special event: International Cat Day! All the Cat Lovers out there probably already knew about this holiday: what won’t we do for our four-legged friends? Adorable, independent, and sometimes stubborn: cats are some of the most beloved animals of both adults and kids alike, and there are so many interesting things related to their world.

Lots of these facts show the reasons why having a cat in your home is good for you: here are 5 reasons why you, too, should live with a kitty! Among our must-haves are Composable Links to take your four-legged friends with you everywhere.

Reason 1: Cats are good for your health!

There are several scientific studies showing that cats are beneficial to your health. For starters, if you live with cats when you’re little, you’re less likely to develop fur allergies in the future, and you’re also more resistant to mite and grass allergies. But that’s not all.

An American study from 2008 confirms that having a cat in the home can even help keep your heart safe. How’s that possible? It’s simple: it seems that taking care of cats lowers your stress level. This is why as part of preventative medicine doctors often suggest patients get a cat when they need more relaxation and tranquillity in their lives.

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Reason 2: Cats are companions for life

Everyone thinks of dogs as the most loving and affectionate animal, but that’s not necessarily the case: here, too, a study was carried out which showed that a cat’s companionship can bring you almost as much joy as a partner’s. This is especially true for women.

Cats are very affectionate animals and many of them have learned to ask for love and affection from their people friends: when you hear a cat meowing or purring, doesn’t it often seem like a child’s cry? Irresistible!

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Reason 3: Cats are independent and autonomous

True, they are cuddly, but they’re also always autonomous! The third and excellent reason to have a cat at home is their independence. They don’t need a lot of care, and you don’t have to worry about leaving them in the house alone for long periods of time while you’re at work or are on the go: but of course, you do need to take care of the basics. Allowing them to go outside on their own, leaving them some dry cat food and a litter box, and petting and cuddling them as soon as you’re back home: they’re perfectly able to handle everything else themselves!

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Reason 4: Cats make great companions for kids

If you have kids, choosing a cat for a pet is the perfect way to get children interested in the world around them. It seems that having a cat around to play with peaks kids’ interest in nature thanks to their bond with their cat (which is sometimes a stronger bond than their connection to their brothers and sisters).

Pets, and in this case cats, often become members of the family: celebrate this relationship by adding a gold Link dedicated to cats in the centre of the bracelet which represents your family.

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Reason 5: Just looking at cats puts us in a good mood

Last but not least: cats can put us in a good mood just by looking at them! It’s not for nothing that the internet is full of funny cat videos in the silliest and craziest situations. There’s even a study which backs this up: watching cat videos really does improve your mood because they help to rid you of negative thoughts by increasing your positive energy. So having a cat at home getting into all sorts of crazy fun can only be better!

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