History of Valentine’s Day: how did the lover’s day start?


As we know, Valentine’s day, the day dedicated to lovers, is celebrated on February 14th. Since when does this holiday exist? And why do we celebrate it on this exact day? Let’s walk back the footsteps that made Valentine’s Day as we know it.

Let’s also remember the gifts for our partner: on this day dedicated to love and to the couples we have to think about a gift which tell our partner how much we care about him/her.

Valentine’s Day: its origins between history and legend

The lover’s day is named after a saint: Valentine, bishop and martyr who lived in the 1st century A.D., between Terni and Rome. Why has he been chosen as patron of the lovers? There are lots of histories and legends concerning this matter.

Among the most romantic legends we mention the history of a young couple of lovers, whose fights have been reconciled from Saint Valentine. Story goes that one day the couple, in the middle of a fight, walked nearby the bishop’s garden.

He noticed the fight and he walked towards the couple offering them a rose: they had to grip together the stem of the rose in order to make peace. It didn’t take a long time before they came back to St. Valentine asking for his blessing for their marriage.

The legend of the couple became famous and lot of young lovers started to visit the bishop before their marriage: a real pilgrimage, which occurred on the 14th of every month, the day that was consecrated to the blessings.

This is one of the legends concerning Valentine’s Day, and it explains us why it is celebrated on February 14th: this is the day of St. Valentine’s death in 273 A.D. The pilgrimage continued also after his death, but only in February, in order to celebrate the memory of the saint.

The lovers gift exchange

The very popular tradition of exchanging gifts with the partner is more recent. Choosing a gift for your significant other on Valentine’s Day is the evolution of an ancient tradition born in the Anglo-Saxon countries: exchanging Valentines.

What are they? Love cards decorated with symbols representing romance: hearts, flowers, doves and angels, with love quotes dedicated to our lover. This tradition was born in 19th century and it is still alive, even if gifts and chocolates are becoming more and more important in the declarations of love exchanged by the lovers on Valentine’s Day.

Anyway, even today we use to send a card with a romantic quote: we can make these words themselves the gift for our significant other. “I love you to the moon and back”: this declaration becomes the decoration for a precious bracelet in steel and gold. For an indelible love.

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And for him? You need a present which let him understand how much you care about him, an original and precious present.

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