Giving pearls: which is the meaning of this jewel?


Pure, perfect, elegant: pearls represent a jewel loved by women throughout ages. There are lots of legends concerning these delicate gifts of nature: from the ones explaining the origin of pearls through magical stories to the most superstitious tales, talking about the powers that pearls exert on people wearing them.

Let’s see which are the most peculiar stories, the most common beliefs and the jewellery adorned by pearls to be worn on every occasion.

Pearl origins, in myth and nature

There are different myths linked to the origin of pearls, however the beliefs coming from all over the world always refer to the divine and magical origin of this jewel.

An Arabian myth explains the existence of pearls stating that they are dewdrops fallen onto the sea floor and swallowed by oysters during a full moon night. Similar tales spread in ancient times among all cultures, from east to west.

Because of the spreading of these magical myths concerning the origin of pearls, some astonishing properties – almost divine – have been attributed to them. That’s why many people started a frenzy quest of pearls in order to find them and wear them as talismans, causing the destruction of many natural oyster beds where pearls very frequently formed.

Men and women from ancient times used to adorn their body with pearls, since they were considered a talisman full of powers. People said that wearing pearls made friendships stronger and they were even able to calm the anger against other people and, of course, they were considered the symbol of purest love.

Good or bad luck?

There are many other stories concerning pearls and their role in carrying good or bad luck depending on when they are given to someone. In short, according to some beliefs giving a pearl necklace or a pair of pearl rings might not be the best idea.

Since the Middle Ages, some western Countries thought that pearls were the tears of rebel angels: that’s where the belief of pearls as carriers of tears and unhappiness come from. One of the most famous beliefs in some western Countries, including Italy, say that giving pearls to a bride-to-be will bring tears in her married life. It seems that this legend came directly from the Far East, where some pearl divers never came back from their voyage, leaving their girlfriends and wives in tears.

Fate decrees that pearls match perfectly to the traditional wedding gown: not only corsages and dress details are realised with some little pure pearls, but also lot of brides choose pearls as jewellery to be worn during one of the most special days of their lives.

Jewellery like pearls are often lent to the bride from a person she loves, otherwise, in case someone decided to give her pearls as a gift, she should pay for them in order to avoid bad luck: we are obviously talking about a symbolic charge, which is normally just a few cents.

Pearls in jewellery with a modern design

Whether you believe or not in these legends, jewels with pearls are chosen by lots of women who want to feel elegant and beautiful for their most formal occasions. Not only classic necklaces or traditional pearl earrings: jewels decorated with these pure spheres are nowadays taking the strangest shapes, mixing them with other gemstones or metals.

A magnificent fall of pearls becomes the charm that decorates a bracelet in steel with a modern design, but pearls can also become a precious detail among a bouquet of elegant golden flowers. Romantic bracelet or a more glamourous one: how do you prefer to wear pearls?

With the collection of Composable Links dedicated to gemstones you can add pearls to any steel bracelet you want: do you prefer a classic white pearl or a more particular one, pink or grey?

Do you want to wear pearls while wearing some original and modern accessories? We have some suggestions for you. White or grey: pearls are becoming more coloured on the contemporary jewels, while they are blending with bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings with geometric and strict shapes.

The Bella Moonlight half circle hoop earrings are designed for a woman who doesn’t want to pass unnoticed. They are not those classic pearl earrings, but a modern piece of jewellery, easily combinable with any chic or casual outfit.

Do you prefer necklaces? The pearl necklace become a long and gentle necklace, where a pendant is adorned with fringes and a big pearl.

If you have always loved the elegance of the pearl rings, you can wear a more fancy and contemporary version choosing the Double Ring Bella Moonlight.A silver spiral is adorned with a white or grey pearl surrounded by Cubic Zirconia.

Earrings with pearls and gemstones

Pearls and sparkling gemstones make the perfect match: it’s a union which gives life to elegant, refined jewellery – put them on and you’ll immediately feel chic on every occasion. Stud earrings with pearls and bright gemstones are the perfect detail for an everyday look: whether you wear your hair up or down, they’ll delicately frame and highlight your face.

Pearls and gemstones are also the perfect pair when it comes to long drop earrings. Ideal for the woman who prefers flashier statement jewellery, the Bella Moonlight earrings with pendants are perfect for an evening out when you want a look that’s super chic and won’t go unnoticed.