What are the right gifts for your confirmation sponsor?


For many young people, Confirmation signifies an important step towards spiritual awareness, and also marks their first step towards adulthood. In comparison to other religious ceremonies such as baptism and First Communion, confirmation is often seen as a more intimate moment, that the confirmand shares with his or her closest family members and friends. There are often big banquets and parties with lots of guests, but traditions differ from place to place.

Among the various people at the confirmation ceremony, one person in particular is essential: the male or female confirmation sponsor, depending on whether the confirmand is a boy or a girl.

But who are confirmation sponsors?

The men and women who are confirmation sponsors act as role models and mentors to the boy or girl who’s preparing to receive the sacrament. Usually they’re chosen by the confirmand and their parents from among the family’s most trustworthy, closest confidants who will help the boy or girl have a successful future.

The choice doesn’t necessarily have to be a family member: the sponsor could be selected from among family friends, especially when they’ve known the confirmand since their birth and have built up a special relationship over time.

So selecting a sponsor comes about naturally, and the chosen man or woman is more than happy to be a part of planning the celebration. In fact, the sponsor handles many tasks, including helping the family with organising the party, choosing the outfit the confirmand will wear, and with the party favours, just as a wise mentor should.

Thanking the confirmation sponsor

The confirmation sponsor represents a point of reference, a role model in life, a safe harbour you can always turn to for help. This is why it’s tradition for the confirmand to thank their sponsor with a special gift on the day of the ceremony. If it’s customary for every guest to get a party favour as a keepsake of this important event, something truly special should be given to the man or woman acting as the sponsor. It should be a gift which symbolises this deep bond between the them and the person being confirmed.

The choice usually falls upon a personal and precious gift that shows the person fulfilling this important role as a mentor how thankful we are for their guidance. Our suggestion? Jewellery you can wear everywhere that’s a wonderful reminder, of this important bond.

Gifts for female confirmation sponsors

What could be more powerful and significant than jewellery when it comes to a meaningful gift? Thanking your sponsor with something selected just for her means choosing a symbol that represents your special bond and which she can keep with her everywhere she goes.

A brilliant sun will brighten up her days. Choose the Gioie pendant that symbolises the brightest star: its sparkling yellow gemstones will be just the thing to add a touch of fun and joy to her outfits.

You’d rather get her a bracelet instead? Sophisticated but not overly serious, the perfect bracelet to give her as thanks for always being by your side is the Mixit bracelet with gold finishing.

Its contemporary design goes well with tons of everyday looks: for an accessory that will always remind her of your incredibly special bond, this bracelet can’t be beat!

Delicate and beautiful, a gold engraving is always the right choice when you want to give a special message to someone you care about. So the perfect jewellery to dedicate to your confirmation sponsor is the stretch bracelet with the inscription “I Love My Family”. A special keepsake to keep with you always.

Is your confirmation sponsor a fun, young, active woman? Want to give her modern jewellery that goes with her fresh and witty personality? Discover all the colours of the Essenzia Collection: this bracelet is available in tons of bright shades, perfect for your spring-summer wardrobe!

The perfect gift idea: matching jewellery

You already often do it with your best friends, but it’s the perfect idea whenever you want to wear something that represents any kind of special bond: what are we talking about? Matching jewellery! Choose the same piece of jewellery for both you and your confirmation sponsor and wear it all the time to keep each other near. A bracelet, a pendant charm, or a Composable Link just for your customised bracelet? Discover all the ideas for the perfect gift for her, your confirmation sponsor!

Gifts for male confirmation sponsors

Even male confirmation sponsors deserve a special gift from the confirmand, according to the customary practice in many Catholic countries. For him, the perfect choice for a symbol that’s timeless is also jewellery. But what’s the right accessory for him, your confirmation sponsor?

A meaningful bracelet that symbolises your strong, lasting bond: an engraved knot is absolutely the right choice. The perfect Trendsetter bracelet to choose for this occasion has a stainless steel base you can personalise with Composable Links and is enriched with a plaque containing an elegant knot.

When the confirmation sponsor is also a relative, it’s only natural that the concept of family is reinforced, thanks to the new connection to this important family member. The right jewellery to confirm this relationship long term? The Composable I Love My Family bracelet, which can be embellished with new Links as new events take place.

If you’d prefer to be the one to build him the perfect bracelet, create a unique, one-of-a-kind accessory with Composable Links. Choose the base, the Links and the symbols which best express your bond and voilà: you’ll have created a gift that’s truly original and unique, made just for your confirmation sponsor!

Is your sponsor a young, carefree guy who shares a lot of your same interests? Choose jewellery he can easily wear with every outfit, from his office attire to the clothes he packs to take on an unforgettable vacation. The Voyage bracelet in brown hematite with a gold four-leaf clover is the perfect way to thank someone we love, wishing them the best in all their future endeavours. Your relationship with your sponsor is really a friendship? Wear the same bracelet to symbolise your deep bond: the Voyage bracelets are perfect for this!

Want more gift ideas for your confirmation sponsor? Discover tons of additional jewellery just for him!