Gift ideas for a distant friend


When it comes to real friendship, you don’t have to see each other every day, what matters is to be there for big moments. If you have a friend who lives far away and you want to give her a birthday present, a gift for her graduation, or just show her your affection, you can get inspired by Nomination gift ideas. (The International Friendship Day is annually held on July 30th to celebrate friendship worldwide).

Customised bracelet with a special Link that tells about your relationship

Every girl or woman had a special friend capable of bringing out her best side, as in the most beautiful friendship stories told in the famous novels.

If you are lucky and you have a friend like that, why not make her a customised gift? Choose a Link from our catalogue and create your Nomination friendship bracelet featured by special details able to reflect her personality and with symbols of your friendship, like Nomination Links.

Here are some ideas to get inspiration from.

Link Nomination

If you are used to living your long-distance relationship - unless you love writing letters - your favourite means of communication is surely your smartphone, with a thousand secret chats and confidences. You can choose our Link in steel and 18kt gold, perfect for a friend strongly passionate about technology.

Whenever you see each other, tradition says that you open a bottle of good red wine, chatting and laughing until late at night. Our link with two wine glasses, perfectly suits you.

Thinking about her best qualities can help you find the right Link. If she is an optimistic person who always looks on the bright side and transmits her positive attitude to those around her, the Link with the heart and a colourful rainbow is the Nomination Tile that best represents her.


If you already have a Nomination Composable bracelet or you would like to have one, you should take this chance to give one to her and one to you. A perfect idea to get even closer and treat yourself with a brand new jewel with a very deep meaning. Through our Composable Collection, you can tell the story of your friendship, what bonds you, what separates you, but also allows you to love each other.

Choose among our Tiles from #oneformeoneforyou collection and celebrate your special friendship. Here are two ideas: the Double Link that can take you "To infinity and beyond" and the Link to celebrate the unstoppable Girl power!

More gift ideas for a friend who lives far away

Do you want to make a gift exclusively dedicated to your friend who lives far away? If you are wondering how to surprise her … do it with a Charm from our Seimia collection. A split heart-shaped pendant with the inscription "Best Friends" and zircons.

Surprise her even more by pairing the bracelet with a necklace dedicated to your close friendship bond. If she prefers wearing rings, you can choose a stretch ring with coloured Zircon.

Nomination offers you a lot of ideas to always surprise the ones you care about most!