Gift ideas for cats lovers: your animal friend is always with you!


Agile, cold, independent, and sometimes suddenly affectionate: cats are among the most beloved animals by grown ups and kids account of their unpredictable character. There are many strange things about them: from the story of their supposed nine lives, to the study on the fact that cats see us humans as nothing more than big cats with awkward movements.

Whether or not what they say about all the quirks of house cats are true, there are a lot of cats lovers and they would do anything for the wellbeing of their animal friend. There are some who cannot stay away from them and always want to bring their cat with them. Because being accompanied by our cat in the flesh is often very complicated, it is easier to carry with you a symbol that attests to your cat lover status.

How? The Composable Link Collection from Nomination is made to tell all the passions, loves and important events of our lives. And animal friends often make a human being’s everyday life much happier: that's why Nomination dedicates to dogs, cats and many other pets a wide choice of links to add to your personalized Composable bracelets, Classic or Big.

If you're looking for cat-shaped jewellery, here are 10 Composable Links for you and for your kitten to create fashionable and 100% cat-friendly jewellery!

#1 Cat Composable Classic Link
Sometimes cats know how to be really disrespectful: did you know that according to a study by the University of Tokyo, many house cats perfectly recognize the voice of their owner who calls them but completely ignore the stimulus?

#2 Cat Pendant Composable Classic Link
According to another recent study, cats prefer women and have greater empathy with them than they show to men. Why?

It seems that the cats adopt the maternal attitudes that female owners assume hen dealing with them. Here is a charm with a cat and crystals dedicated to all these women!

#3 My Cat Composable Big Link
The Composable Big bracelet can also be customized with Links that tell the story of your relationship with your adorable cat: steel, oxidized silver and enamel make up this precious charm featuring a cute kitten lurking in a flower pot.

#4 Lookout Cat Composable Classic Link
What is this cat peering out of the window at? It is very difficult to say, because cats have much better eyesight than human beings.

In addition to having a much broader field of vision, cats are able to see details much better in dimly lit or dark environments and also detect the fastest movements of things around them.

#5 Composable Classic Link with Paw Print
Agile yes, but sometimes cats leave traces of their misdeeds: the prints of their delicate paws are immediately recognizable on freshly polished surfaces!

#6 Cat with Fuchsia Balls Composable Classic Link
Fast and unpredictable, cats love to hide in the house and go out for a walk in the open air without being noticed by the owners. They are often crouched right under our noses, but invisible just the same!

Here is a link to add to your bracelet to bring with you your kitty with unexpected behavior!

#7 Cats Composable Classic Link
Those who love cats are often not content with having just one in their home: here is the Link to give to those who love surrounding themselves with cute kittens - or to add to your personalised Composable bracelet if you are one of them!

#8 Maneki Neko Cat Composable Link
Its origins are deep in ancient Japanese culture, but since the second half of the 20th century it has become famous all over the world: Maneki Neko is literally the "beckoning cat", and is said to have the power to bring good luck and money.

The charm with the waving Japanese cat is the perfect gift idea if you are looking for a lucky charm for someone you love!

#9 Cat Pendant Composable Link
Little girls, too, cannot reisist the tenderness of a kitten. For a special occasion, such as a birthday or first communion, you can choose this cat shaped pendant link with brilliant stones. A special piece to make a little cat lover happy!

#10 Cats In Love Composable Link
In the end, even cats know how to be great romantics: here is a gold and enamel piece to give to your boyfriend or girlfriend, to celebrate the union with your better half and your shared passion for cats!

Bracelets for cats lovers
But jewellery for cat lovers do not end here! In addition to being able to create your personalised bracelet by choosing the Cat Links and charms you like, here are two "cat" themed bracelets to wear to tell everyone about your passion - or to choose as gifts for those who like these pets as much as you!

The La Vie En Rose Cat Composable Classic bracelet is a delicate piece: the charms with flowers and a cat, all in rose tones make it a very feminine accessory, to be worn on both informal and special occasions.

Another bracelet dedicated to the cutest kittens is the My Cat Composable Classic bracelet: a charm with your cat’s paw prints, next to a Link with a heart of Cubic Zirconia, to symbolize the love we have for our animal friend!

Create your own personalised Composable Bracelet! Choose the base, size and add all the Links you want: With the online Configurator the task is simple and fun!