30 years old: a unique and personalised birthday gift


Turning 30 is a significant moment in one’s life. It’s like you officially cross the threshold into adulthood, whereas before you were still more of a kid during your youthful 20s. It’s customary to throw a big party to celebrate this major event with your long-time friends, reminiscing about all the wild and crazy stuff you got into, and the awesome times spent together over the years.

Your friends have various important tasks to handle at a turning 30 birthday party: they need to set up games and little pranks, and also choose the perfect gift for the occasion. What’s the right gift to get someone who’s turning 30 years old? A meaningful, one-of-a-kind piece of jewellery that’s been customised just for the birthday boy or girl. Check out our tips, all of which you can build with Composable Links.

Precious bracelets for a friend who’s turning 30

Jewellery is always the way to go for a woman who’s turning 30 years old: but what should you get? We suggest a personalised bracelet, with precious symbols that are powerful and meaningful, to remind your close friend just how important your friendship is.

Rose gold, stainless steel and sparkling gemstones for a bracelet composed of precious symbols that represent the purest friendship two women can have after spending a lifetime together, ever since they were little girls. The Composable MyAngel bracelet in rose gold is the right 30th birthday gift for a friend who’s protected you, been your confidant and is someone you look up to.

Composable Classic Bracelet My Angel

Another gift idea for a special birthday is the bracelet-amulet that brings good luck to whoever wears it. Dedicated to each zodiac sign, this lucky jewellery is decorated with each month’s birthstone. Every stone protects one of the zodiac signs, which is represented with a gold plaque: what sign is your friend who’s about to turn 30?

Composable Classic Happy Birthday Bracelet

As simple as the sincerest birthday wishes, minimal jewellery you can wear with any outfit in your daily life: the Happy Birthday Composable Bracelet is another jewellery option for a friend on her 30th birthday.

And with Composable Links you can customise the bracelet by adding the symbols which best represent your close friendship bond: for a happy birthday that’s truly personal.

The Composable Links to dedicate to a friend on her 30th birthday

Customise the bracelet you’re giving to a female friend who’s turning 30: but with which Links? Choose the Charms which are most suited to this special woman, or those which best symbolise a moment as magical as this major milestone.

Red coral is the gemstone for a heart that beats strong, the symbol of an important friendship that lasts throughout time: the Composable Link with natural gemstone to give to a friend. A small but beautiful charm that represents an unbreakable bond.

A good luck charm and a symbol of protection, the Greek Eye is the next pendant charm Link to dedicate to your female friend on her birthday. This charm is adorned with sparkling gemstones, to light the way as a friend gets ready to begin a new phase in her life..

Composable Classic Link Greek Eye Pendant

Want to make a really personal statement? Then the birthday gift for your best friend who’s turning 30 years old can only be a personalised incision. Choose the Composable Link with pendant charm in rose gold: it’s the perfect surface to create the special message you want to give to the birthday girl for a keepsake that lasts forever.

So what’s the right gift for a guy friend who’s turning 30?

And if the special birthday celebration is for a guy friend, what’s the perfect gift for him, in honour of his 30 years?

There are many customisable gift ideas with Composable also for him, starting with the watch with the Big Composable wrist strap. A must-have accessory for the modern man with taste, with the stainless steel watchstrap that can be personalised thanks to the Composable Links.

Also in his case, a great 30th birthday gift is a special personal message to get engraved onto metal: for him, choose the Composable Double Link in silver: the perfect way to say “Happy birthday” to a friend who’s reached this important milestone!

Are you looking an accessory that’s more rock and roll but that’s still meaningful and classy? Then choose the Steelikons bracelet in rubber: jewellery that’s decorated with bold geometric charms, perfect for the man who wants to stand out from the crowd.

Gift ideas for the important man or woman in your life who’s turning 30

A boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s 30th birthday is a really important moment and should be celebrated with a unique and meaningful gift.

For your lady, the perfect gift is one that clearly expresses your feelings with a symbol of love that lasts forever. Jewellery decked out with hearts she can wear everywhere is the right gift for an occasion such as this one: the Armonie necklace with hearts, available in silver or with rose gold finishing.

Messages Stretchable Forever Together

An important message for a wonderful woman: the Messages stretchable bracelet carries the message “Together Forever”. A declaration written in gold is paired with a darling heart embellished with sparkling gemstones.

If your boyfriend is turning 30, get him meaningful jewellery to celebrate a milestone as symbolic as this one. The Trendsetter bracelet with two engraved ropes, crafted in stainless steel with dark-coloured Links, is perfect to wear on even the chicest occasions.

Or give your significant other a unique and really personal message as your gift: say “I love you” with an engraving. The Trendsetter bracelet is made with stainless steel and can be inscribed on the back with your declaration of love.

Stainless Steel Engravable for him