It’s flamingo mania: discover the Link dedicated to this all-pink creature and learn its significance


Summery, coloured, and good times: the flamingo trend doesn’t look like it’s going to slow down anytime soon, certainly not for Summer 2018! Dresses, handbags, bathing suits and accessories decorated with this cute animal are the musts of the season, and that’s not all: even our homes have flamingo decorations, which gives an exotic touch to curtains, lamps and other furnishings. But how did this fad start? Flamingo mania began in 2017 as part of an summer-long trend, and it’s been going on ever since.

The flamingo trend: where does it come from?

Over the last few years we’ve seen large, colourful floaties become the hit of the summer: : exotic fruit, unicorns, classic white swans and the pink flamingo. The first mass appearance of these adorable pink creatures occurred poolside and at the beach when the producers of inflatable floatation devices brought the flamingo to the forefront.

Composable Classic Flamingo Link with Zirconia

The flamingo had previously risen to fame, especially in the United States, when Andy Warhol turned them into a true pop art icon: these pink birds initially adorned American front yards and were then expanded into interior design, becoming a full-fledged symbol of 1980s pop culture.

But why is the pink flamingo so beloved by women all over the world? A major reason why this trend spread so fast was thanks to the many postings on social media: after all, flamingo floaties are photogenic and have even won the hearts of celebrities and the hottest influencers! Maybe we love pink flamingos so much because, for a moment, they bring us back to our childhoods, reminding us of games we used to play with our friends when we spent long, carefree days at the beach.

From floaties to clothing and accessories, to designer objects for the home, it only took a minute: flamingo mania was already at hand.

The flamingo trend explodes everywhere

Which leads us to today: the flamingo is a must-have in every setting. Not just dresses, shoes and accessories, but these cute pink creatures are starting to pop up in jewellery: for a precious jewel that screams summer!

The flamingo is a fun coloured charm that decorates bracelets you can wear to all the parties this season. The Miami Composable Link Collection is all about summer, and dresses up yours with symbols celebrating the best season of the year: the playful pink flamingo is a must, of course.

Along with it, there are tons of other Links crafted in silver, coloured enamels and sparkling gemstones. Place them side by side to create an accessory that’ll accompany you during the hottest days of summer. The pink flamingo pairs perfectly with the yellow gemstone encrusted sun: for a bracelet you can wear when dipping your toes in the ocean!

Composable Classic Sun LInk with Zirconia

The bracelet you’ll want to wear to happy hour on the beach and to your craziest evenings out has the refreshing summer cocktail Link, also decorated with sparkling Zirconia. Does your perfect summer include road trips, exotic countries and long evenings spent under the stars?

Composable Classic Vintage Bike Link

The Miami Collection includes a series of sterling silver Links just for you which represent a fantastic cruise onboard a yacht, the wind blowing through your hairon the back of a motorcycle and a trip coast-to-coast driving in a gorgeous vintage car.

Interesting facts and meanings behind the flamingo symbol

Did you know that the flamingo is more than just cute, it’s also quiet a fascinating bird? Thanks to its pink plumage, it’s a beautiful animal, and it’s the perfect symbol to wear to any summer event, but that’s not all! Do you know why flamingos have this wonderful pink colouring? The reason can be found in its diet: these birds eat mostly red algae, crustaceans, and other shellfish rich in beta carotene, which contributes to their feathers’ amazing colour.

And what about the symbolism tied to the flamingo? Wearing garments or charms decorated with this pink animal can mean many different things. The people who do so are usually kind, friendly, sweet and loving: did you know that flamingos make great parents and are very attentive and look out for their offspring?

A pink flamingo is the perfect gift to give your mum if she has a summer birthday: a sweet and special symbol that shows her how much you appreciate everything she does for you. A great gift idea? The bracelet with a pink flamingo in enamel.

Classic Composable Bracelet with Pink Flamingo

Pink flamingos are migratory birds who travel far distances at night in search of a place to live. So it’s also a symbol for the ideal trip, which you can give to a friend who’s planning an excursion or as a reminder of a wonderful vacation to someplace warm and tropical. The Miami bracelet with a Zirconia flamingo is the perfect accessory.

Summer, beach, and having fun: along with the playful pink flamingo the Miami Composable Collection offers tons of bracelets dedicated to anyone who wants to keep a reminder of their wonderful summer vacations with them everywhere they go: Discover them all!