Father’s Day: a customised bracelet about the two of you


Spending time with your parents is always special, and it merits a gift which lets them know we treasure being with them. What better occasion to surprise your dad with a gift than on the day the entire world celebrates fathers everywhere? Don’t forget: Father’s Day is getting closer and closer and now’s the time to find a gift which will put a smile on your dad’s face.

Remind him of the past with a one-of-a-kind gift. Maybe you think that a bracelet is an obvious choice, but it is indeed what we suggest you get your dad. We’re not talking about a basic bracelet: for Father’s Day you can build a personalised accessory that shows the adventures you’ve taken together, your shared passions, and the time you’ve spent together throughout the years.

Which bracelet should you give for Father’s Day 2019?

There’s not just one, there are lots of different bracelets perfect for your dad based on his style, his habits, and his passions! In addition to completely customisable stainless steel bracelets, there are also ones which are more casual and can be worn in any situation, from work to his free time, such as those from the Trendsetter Collection.

Composable Papà Link in rose gold

Another reason to choose Composable and Trendsetter bracelets? From June 7th – 17th, 2019, you can take advantage of free shipping for jewellery from these collections: just in time to receive your gift for your dad!

All there is left to do is choose: Composable or Trendsetter? With Composable bracelets you can create unique jewellery that’s made exclusively for your dad, Link after Link. You can express passions, ideals, and sentiments through a bracelet you can assemble in just a few quick moves, thanks to the Composable builder online.

Trendsetter is instead a ready-to-wear line that’s strong and sporty, perfect for accompanying dad in his everyday adventures. From minimalist to versions decorated with plaques, geometric designs and sparking details, and others which can be customised with your very own engraving: there’s a Trendsetter bracelet for every father. Discover them all!

Trendsetter Bracelet with Swarovski

The Father’s Day watch and ideas for personalised jewellery

Interested in creating something even more original just for your dad? Then choose the Composable watch in stainless steel, which can also be customised with Links about you and your father. Looking for a way to personalise your gift for your dad in honour of his special day? Go with a precious Link that’s just for him: get the gold Link with “Dad” engraved for an elegant and classic detail, or the one with the inscription in rose gold for a more modern touch.

Composable Classic Link I love family

>Would you rather have a Link which celebrates all the love felt within your family? For the customised bracelet or watch you want to give your father, choose the I love family Link.

We share hobbies, sports and common interests with dad: your Father’s Day bracelet can be an opportunity to express this aspect of your bond. The first time you scored on the field, who was there? As a reminder of your first soccer game with your dad, get the football Link: the symbol of a long-time passion.

Is a boating trip your favourite memory with your dad and the family all together? The Composable Link to add to his jewellery is one with a golden boat’s wheel in honour of your shared love for the ocean.

But there’s more than just sports and adventure: often dad’s the one who’s influenced us with his love of rock music, or he’s taught us our first guitar chords. If you’ve always shared a love for music, choose the Composable Music Link.

Composable Music Link