Fairytale Animals: Links and fantasy pendants by Nomination


Once upon a time ... these are the opening words of any Fairytale that has made us dream, among princesses, colourful animals and enchanted worlds. How many times have we fantasized about flying in the sky through the clouds and living in an enchanted castle?

Nomination has created for you a magic reign studded by a fairy-tale universe made of unicorns, mermaids, fantastical creatures... Here is the Fairytale Animals Collection for daydreaming by wearing Nomination Links and bracelets with pendants perfect for every occasion. Choose your ideal Fairytale!

Silver bracelets for daydreamers

Be charmed by the style and excellence of silver adding a fairy-tale element to your bracelet. A composable bracelet in steel and silver with a unicorn-shaped charm is perfect for a person unique as a unicorn is.

Did you know that in the Middle Ages this fantastic animal was also a symbol of nobility and purity connected to the powers of magic and light? An animal representing all that concerns the aspirations of the heart. Among the Nomination silver bracelets, there is also a beautiful model with a silver unicorn pendant in white and pink glitter.

If you prefer a more stylized and minimalist line, the enchanting composable classic bracelet in steel and silver engraved with an unicorn is perfect for you.

A fairy-tale bracelet... take your pick!

Fairytale Animals Collection

Fairytale all have a happy ending, only the characters who animate them differ. Now you can create a Fairytale by literally choosing every little tile. Select the base of your bracelet and create it the way you like, by combining the most magical pendants.

What kind of a magical world would be without fairies? Since ancient times they have represented the infinity in the heart and soul of each of us. With the Links for bracelets you will really go "walking with fairies".

The Link in steel and gold with the symbol of a fairy is perfect for those who want to add a touch of magic to their life.

Princess or mermaid?

The princess that is within you will be glade to come to life becoming one of the protagonists of your composition in pink.

If you love sea and nature, the little mermaid is going to be at the center of your enchanted depths world. You can enrich your bracelets with a Link in silver and steel shaped as a romantic mermaid or with a Link engraved with a dreamy mermaid.

The Fairytale fantastic animals

Link composable flying pig

You can make your bracelet unique with other fantastic animals from the Fairytale Animals collection. You can opt for a lovely pink flying pig to bring joy and lighthearted everywhere or for the elegance of a sparkling silver butterfly instead.

A magical rainbow to wear

After having defeated the dragon a beautiful rainbow can finally emerge!

If Fairytales did not exist, they would have to be invented. Here are unicorns, rainbows, mermaids to enrich your bracelets with pendants and Nomination Links, all from this Fairytale Animals collection able to really make you dream!