Customisable jewellery to thank all those you love


World Gratitude Day will be celebrated on September the 21st . The word “gratitude” derives from the Latin term "gratus" and is closely linked to feelings of great happiness and love, also for those who are round there every day. Experiencing a sense of gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a gift and not giving it. On the World Gratitude Day you have the opportunity to say “Thanks” to those you love! Choose from the engraved jewellery of the Nomination Collection.

An engraved personalised bracelet to say “Thanks” to your loved one

Sometimes we take our loved ones for granted and nothing’s more wrong! There are plenty of opportunities to give a present to our partner, even if often there is no surprise effect.But a particular anniversary or occasion is not always necessary to make a gift to our loved ones.

Engraved personalised bracelets are perfect if you want to surprise your loved ones: a Composable Classic bracelet to which add the double steel engraved Link with a heart-shaped pendant in silver and enamel.

The perfect tile for the Nomination Composable bracelets to give to your partner could also be the double link in silver and cubic zirconia with the infinity symbol. Infinite as the feeling that bound you together.

“Thank you” messages for your closest friends

“A good friend is worth his weight in gold”, “A true friend is the one who holds your hand and touches your heart”. There are plenty of friendship quotes, which are perfect to say "thank you" to those who have known you for years and are close to you, in good times and in bad. A real friend is someone that you can always count on, which is able to always make you smile and say the right words at the right time or remain silent, if necessary. Friendship is a unique and rare gift and it is never too late to thank your friends for simply being there for you.

A personalised “Thanks” for your best friend

Composable Nomination

Surprise your best friend with a special “thank you” gift: a Nomination Composable Steel Bracelet to be enriched with a double Link in steel and silver, with a pendant in the shape of a four-leaved. Give your friend a message for good luck and keep in mind: gratitude is the memory of the heart!

A special thanks to your best buddy

There’s always a great need for simple thoughts made of few significant words only. "Thanks" is a magic word able to warm your loved ones’ souls. For your best friend, you could opt for an elegant necklace in steel and cubic zirconia of the Montecarlo Collection, featured by a pendant to be engraved with costomizable thank you phrases.

A gift for your best four-legged friend

The most ancient friendship has always been the one between humans and dogs. An atavistic and genuine feeling. Our four-legged friends do not lie about their feelings and emotions. They are adorable troublemakers always loyal and joyful. Give Fido a personalised collar by Nomination: an accessory to be customised with the engraved Links available in two colours: gray and blue.

A sincere thank you to your grandparents from the dephts of your heart

Grandparents day soon will be celebrated. If you’re looking for gift ideas perfect for your grandpa or grandma our engraved bracelets are the best choice.

Composable Bracelets

You can rely on Nomination Composable Bracelets perfect to be customised with the engraved Links. You can opt, for example, for the simplicity of our double engraved Links with a plaque in pink gold, yellow gold or silver. You could also choose a tile with angel wing pendant, because grandparents are like angels, always ready to protect you and give you the perfect advice when you need to find your way back.