70 days left until Christmas: have you started thinking about gifts?


Decking your house out with wreaths, garlands and lights still seems like it’s ages away, just like decorating and placing gifts under the Christams tree does. And yet there are only 70 days until Christmas: that’s really not much!

Maybe it’s still too soon to start prepping your house for the holidays, but it’s not too soon to start the search for Christmas gifts. Every year we say we’re going to start sooner so we don’t find ourselves stuck on Christmas Eve with gifts left to cross off our list. Who knows why, but we always end up buying gifts at the last minute and end up making bad selections because we’re in a rush and don’t want to show up empty handed.

So this year, why not keep your promise and actually start thinking about Christmas gifts for your loved ones well in advance? That way you can relax in the final days leading up to Christmas and simply enjoy the holiday spirit, getting the house ready before reuniting with all your family and friends.

Here are some Nomination gift ideas to dedicate to your loved ones: for him and her, for Mum and Dad, and for the kids!

For a special woman: your girlfriend, Mum or granddaughter

What’s the perfect gift for one of the most important woman in your life? There’s a great piece of jewelry for each one of them, you just have to find it.

The right gift for your girlfriend or fiancée makes her feel beautiful and special and contains a hidden meaning known only to the two of you. Create a personalised necklace for her with charms and pendants from the SeiMia Collection: meaningful jewelry that sparkles.

For a woman with class who loves to express herself through her accessories and whose look is refined and professional, go with a watch for this year’s Christmas gift. But not a basic one: a Nomination watch is elegant and glamorous, and above all, it’s customisable!

SeiMia Collection

The wristband is in fact a Composable bracelet, which you can decorate by adding all the Classic Links you want in order to create your unique message. Plus Nomination’s new watch for her is super glamorous: choose between a chocolate brown or glitter dial, our latest fashion colours!

Moving on to gift ideas for Mum: she too deserves something which will always remind her of just how much you love her. How about a personalisable Composable bracelet with a “Best Mum” medal?

For the little ones, the perfect Christmas gift is one which combines beauty with imagination: the Composable bracelet with engravable plaque and unicorn is a gift your daughters and granddaughters are sure to love. They’ll keep this adorable creature and loving message with them always!

Composable Classic Unicorn Bracelet

Gifts for an important man: your boyfriend, dad, brother

So what are the Christmas gifts for him? In this case there are also many ideas based on the type of person you’re giving the gift to. Let’s start with one of the most important and difficult gifts to find: the gift for your boyfriend or fiancé.A stainless steel necklace just might be the right option for you: but which one should you choose? If your guy loves a casual but fashionable look, the right necklace is one with a pendant from the Class Collection. This medium length necklace is enriched with a decorative plaque which instantly adds value to any informal outfit.

Bond Necklace

The man who favours more minimal outfits and accessories will love the Bond necklace: this elegant chain is created using a series of round stainless steel disks. It can be worn discreetly under a shirt and is seen when he undoes his top shirt button.

For dad the right Christmas gift just may be a bracelet in dark stainless steel, which is perfect for many everyday occasions: for example, the Trendsetter bracelet with two engraved ropes, which can be customised with Composable Classic Links.

For a brother or a friend there's the Composable bracelet with motorcycle as the perfect gift this Christmas: a little something which will make them dream about their next road trip, or their love for bikes.

Composable Classic Motorcycle Bracelet

For either him or her, you can always create a personalised Composable bracelet choosing between the Links and charms best suited to their tastes and build it using our Composable configurator.