Christmas 2018: Trending colours for your Christmas


Fashion, style and trends are not just important for the clothes we wear - make your Christmas tree a super-stylish element in your home this season. Christmas 2018 is surely going to be the most glam holiday season ever, with sparkling colours and glimmering hues giving a special touch to holiday decorations.

Trimming the tree this year will be even more fun as we discover together what colours are on-trend and as we help you choose the perfect decorations for your house this holiday season!

Midnight Blue: A chic colour for your Christmas tree

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Who would have ever thought that such a cool, elegant colour would be the most fashionable one for Christmas decorations? In fact, Midnight Blue is one of the most sought-after colours for decorations to put on the tree this Christmas 2018. Here are a few ways to pair it perfectly to get the holiday look that is just right.

A chic Christmas tree has got to be both precious and luxurious. Pair Midnight Blue Christmas tree baubles and balls with golden garlands and twinkling lights for pure, glittering magic. To make Christmas Eve a truly starry night in your house, pair your Midnight Blue decorations with silver and pristine, snowy white, calling to mind a delicate dusting of snowflakes falling from a peaceful winter sky.

And of course no Christmas tree is complete without wrapped Christmas gifts snuggled under it, waiting to be opened by loved ones. Make sure not to damper the wondrous atmosphere you have created by choosing the wrong gift wrap: Choose wrapping paper, ribbons and gift bags in the same starry tones as your Christmas tree.

Earthen hues and colours for that warm and cosy Christmas atmosphere

The nature that surrounds us abounds with inspiration for Christmas decorations both tree and home and is this year’s top trend for those who want to snuggle up at home for relaxing Christmas celebrations with family and friends.

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So let your Nature inspiration run free with materials like plain cloth, jute garlands, wooden decorations and cord ribbons for your Christmas tree. Transform the atmosphere into that of a winter wonderland with tiny lanterns and candles, traditional or LED it doesn’t matter - as long as they flicker and give a warm, fuzzy light.

This season Nature’s pallet isn’0t limited to earthen tones from Amber to Ivory, but is enriched by snowy white, as candid and pure as a snow flake.

Gold: Christmas’ most precious colour that never goes out of style

Gold is a Must-Have for Christmas 2018 . so it is no surprise that when we think of the classic Christmas tree, red and gold come to mind. Gold is the colour for your traditional or contemporary Christmas look, with red tree baubles and balls, golden lights, tiny Santas and reindeers.

Try out an all gold look with golden decorations for a total glam effect! Light up your little fir tree with golden micro LED lights, golden ribbons, stars, golden Christmas glass or glitter tree baubles and balls and you have got your true Christmas shine.

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Another 2018 Christmas tree trend is as simple as it is elegant, with sparkling lights and golden written messages. Make sure to add little touches of colour here and there. Naturally the most loved phrases are those of good tidings best wishes for the season and classics like Merry Christmas.

Pink: a colour to surprise and delight for your Christmas tree in 2018

Last stop on our tour of 2018 Christmas trends for your tree: Think Pink! This is surely the most daring choice of Christmas colours this year, but trying is believing. Decorate your tree with little Pink Christmas baubles, balls and decorations to create an enchanting and unique Christmas atmosphere.

What is important is choosing the just the right hue of pink to create the atmosphere you are dreaming of: delicate hues like Blush, Rose Gold or Antique Rose paired with white or ivory for a romantic Christmas tree right out of a fairy tale.

Give it an extra dose of magic with an all white Christmas tree and tie it all together with messenger angels from the new Gold Composable Edition.

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Or choose a burst of contemporary energy for your Christmas tree with fuchsia or hot pink decorations: and then complete the look with geometric shapes and a bright colour palette: Lemon Yellow, Neon Green and Neon Orange and your little fir tree will never be the same.

Christmas is the best time of the year no matter what colours or shapes you bring home. Discover all the symbols and messages dedicated to this most magical holiday and find the Christmas tree inspiration that shows your style while finding the perfect precious gifts to put under it for your loved ones.