Choose the Nomination bracelet based on your favourite kind of music


Music leads you to the world of your secret dreams while every note plays a magical sound. Classical music, rock, pop or hip hop: rhythms that colour the soul. You can add another piece to your look with the new Nomination collection which, like a musical note, will enrich your outfit. And you? What music do you listen to? Here is a Nomination bracelet for every kind of music that best suits your tastes and your style and it’s perfect to give to someone special.

A Classical look

Composable Bracelets Nomination

Harmony and complexity: classical music is a timeless emotion. Sweet, muffled, light sounds. For dreamers with their heads in the clouds and their hearts always in the storm. Among the personalised bracelets of the Nomination music collection, there is this bracelet with a silver pendant and a glitter shaped like a magical white and pink unicorn, for you or perfect as a gift.

Classical music is also made of stormy and powerful sounds. Love dramas are lifeblood.

This ready-made Composable bracelet with Love Double Link is perfect to be received as a gift from your partner, with Narciso Link in 375 Rose Gold and Yellow Cubic Zirconia. It combines the symbols of love and nature, like a timeless melody.

Here is a model to be both elegant and classy, a silver bracelet with pearls and stones, an ode to delicacy and femininity.

Those who love classical music cannot help wearing a symbol inspired by the most famous classical operas. We celebrate Vivaldi's famous concert through the Primavera silver bracelet, an enchanting jewel that contains a natural micro-cosmos.

Stylish Rock

"Rock" is a style of life, it means taking life with a contagious energy. The Rock in Love collection by Nomination is the perfect choice.

Everyone knows that love has always been the protagonist of rock music and of a lot of very famous songs. Here is a Rock in Love bracelet decorated with hearts and symbolic meanings. A romantic declaration, to the rhythm of music!

Pop and Fantasy

Music Links

Pop: a way to love all things in life. Positive vibrations, joy, imagination characterise pop music and those who like it. Colours and sounds perfectly blend with these modular bracelets of the Nomination collection. Use your creativity to compose your bracelet like a melody, with the Nomination tiles from the Fairytale Animals collection.

Use your creativity to compose your bracelet like a melody, with the Nomination tiles from the Fairytale Animals collection.

Let's start with the characteristic of every musical creation: fantasy! This tile with pendant shaped like a pink flamingo is the perfect Link, for you to see a colourful world.

Release the butterfly in you by making your emotions fly: add to your bracelet this composable Link with a pendant shaped like a shiny butterfly, to make yourself feel unique and shining.

Here is a fairy animal to make the ones you love happy. This silver coloured Link is perfect to make whoever you want smiling!

Hip-hop and R&B

If you love this music, it means that for you sincerity and expressing feelings are the greatest values.

Close your eyes and make a wish, these Nomination bracelets will bring you luck! Choose the message to always wear, with Composable bracelets.

Palms, headphones and the sea: a lifestyle which can be found through this composition for women and men!

Classical, rock, pop or hip hop: music colours life and your musical style tells your personality. Choose the bracelet from the Nomination collection perfect for you and wear magic tiles now.