Holidays? Travel? Get in the mood with the Nomination charms!


By now summer is at the door, it is impossible not to notice it. The sun is getting more and more scorching, the days are getting longer and the evening starts again to be the ideal time to take a walk outside. But above all, the desire to go on holiday keeps growing. Have you already planned your summer holiday trip?

Holidaymakers are typically divided among different types of travelers: there are those who consider a holiday as a time to devote completely to relaxation and regeneration, those who instead prefer to take advantage of leisure time to discover unknown places and historic cities and those who take advantage of the time looking for more adventurous activities.

What kind of traveler are you? If you have not yet planned your holidays lget inspired by this summer's most sought after destinations and Nomination Composable Jewellery. If you have already planned your next trip to perfection, you just have to dream about your departure date and choose the links and charms to customize your bracelet and wear the memory of your fantastic summer holidays.

Waves, sand and total relaxation

The most classic of holiday definitions: white sand beaches, sea, sun and total relaxation. Even this year seaside destinations will be amongst the most popular for summer holidays.

The Mediterranean Sea and Greece and its islands sin particular, seem to be very sought after travel destinations. It is for its unique landscape, which, in addition to the crystal clear sea, also includes appealing archaeological sites and lush green areas make a stay in Greece much more special than any beach holiday.

A memento of your holidays in these fascinating lands? The Greek eye, of course! In the culture of this country, this symbol is a potent good luck charm. Traditionally, the Greek eye is painted on medallions or bracelet beads and accessories so that it may be worn as a talisman.

A fundamental detail: The eye must strictly be blue, because in Greek tradition this color is a bearer of good luck.

If you have not chosen Greece, but another beautiful seaside locale where you can spend your holidays, the perfect memento to wear all summer is the flip flops and flower charm: a souvenir that will remind you of the most exotic beaches!

City holidays: culture, art and romance

Holidays necessarily made to let go and relax are not for everyone: many prefer to spend this free time devoting themselves to culture and art by visiting new cities.

In Europe one of the most popular destinations for this purpose is Barcelona: a very charming, colorful and vibrant city. From the characteristic Ramblas to the numerous and very important museums, Barcelona is a city to discover. A symbol to take with you to remember a trip to this enchanted city? Gaudì’s Dragon, dedicated to a beautiful fountain at Parc Güell, is an obligatory stop in the city.

But the perfect vacation for many may also be one where you get lost in the streets of a modern metropolis that never stops, even at night. New York is the destination for those who dream of America: with all its lights, skyline, and sounds, the Big Apple is the perfect destination for those looking for a trip that is rich in movement. Which charm should you add to your bracelet to remember this holiday? Naturally it is the Big Apple in enamel and gold!

And what if it were the first holiday together for two people in love? Romantic, charming and always beautiful in every season, Paris is without a doubt the city to choose in this case. To always carry a memento of the city of lovers, a charm with the Eiffel Tower and a delicate rose.

A journey of adventure

More and more in vogue are holidays dedicated to anything other than relaxation. We are talking about those trips chosen by the most adventurous, with activities that are filled with adrenaline and out of the ordinary.

Looking for a different holiday than usual? One that is dynamic and sporty? The solution could be a bicycle tour! You can join group tours that are organized by specialized agencies, or go on an adventure with a group of friends or a partner. The most beautiful destinations? TheDolomites, Flandres, theFrench Alps, Andalusia. Spectacular landscapes guaranteed. What is the symbol to take with you to remember a vacation like this? The bicycle, of course!

But an adventurous and unusual trip may well be the choice of a mysterious exotic destination. The Gili islands in Indonesia, Malaysia and the forests of Borneo, or the Islands of the Philippines. What should you never forget when taking a trip in the spirit of adventure? The compass, of course, that is also in the for of a charm for your braceletto wear as a souvenir of your spectacular holiday.