Carnival 2019 in Italy: where to go for the best events


The funnest time of year is nearly here, the craziest and most colourful party is about to start: it’s time to bring out the costumes, masks and make-up because it’s Carnival, the perfect excuse to dress up for a few hours as your favourite character or celebrity!

Carnival is celebrated pretty much all over the world and follows a multitude of traditions, although the main theme remains the same: fun. Italy is one of the countries where Carnival is a big deal, and it’s celebrated in several cities with big parties and parades. Three of these cities are among the most highly revered for the size and grandeur of their Carnivals: Venice, Viareggio and Ivrea, where they have big, colourful parades that attract tourists from all over.

So how will you spend your Carnival? If you still haven’t decided how to celebrate during the funnest time of the year, we’re here to share with you the most interesting aspects of the three biggest parties in Italy: just a few suggestions for how to spend your Carnival 2019!

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The Carnival of Venice

The Carnival of Venice is one of the most famous celebrations in the world. This year the festivities start on February 16th, even though Carnival officially starts with the traditional "Flight of the Angel": so just what is it? At noon on the first Sunday of Carnival, an acrobat dressed as the Angel flies down from the bell tower in St. Mark’s Square: it’s an historic tradition that’s been kept alive since the second half of the sixteenth century.

Perhaps even more impressive, there are even earlier accounts of the Carnival of Venice which date back as far as 1094. Celebrations go on in the streets and alleys of Venice for more than two weeks, where you can see – and even wear – the amazing Venetian masks and costumes.

Venice is the city with the most enchanting Carnival, but it’s also the city of lovers: it’s the best place for a quick vacation with your better half. How will you remember your Carnival in Venice?

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The Carnival of Viareggio

The Carnival of Viareggio is also one of the most popular in Italy, although its origins are more recent than Venice’s since the first documented parades for this event go back to 1873. What’s so special about the Carnival of Viareggio? The gigantic paper-mache parade floats covering a wide array of themes: some take on politics and current events with an ironic tone, while others find inspiration in fantasy and create these amazing mobile scenes.

In addition to the huge daytime parade floats, there are the evening parades within each neighbourhood: these consist of simpler, non professional floats, street parties and parading in masks and costumes.

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The Carnival of Viareggio is the perfect occasion to dress up as anyone you want: a beautiful mermaid, a playful unicorn or a a magical fairy? The options for becoming your favourite fairytale character are endless!

The Carnival of Ivrea

The Carnival of Ivrea is also one of the oldest and most well-known in Italy, and it stands out thanks to its traditional festivities which you can only find in this Turinese city. Here Carnival is a mix of legends, history and fun,which all come together in the most unique event of the Carnival period the Battle of the Oranges.. So what’s it all about? During the three days between Sunday and Shrove Tuesday in the main streets and squares of the city a battle is played out which attracts thousands of tourists each year, along with a lot of media attention.

During the battle huge horse-drawn carriages parade through the city carrying the team of “aranceri" (orange throwers), who launch oranges at the mob accompanying the parade through the city. The orange throwers wear unique padded costumes and protective masks to shield them from the hits pitched by the teams following the carriages. These teams throw and get hit by flying oranges, but they don’t wear protective gear: their costumes are made up of colourful tunics with little bells on their shoes. What’s their goal? To attack the carriages with oranges.

Ivrea’s version is a very unique, one-of-a-kind Carnival for the person looking for a few days of craziness. And just remember: The best is yet to come, as the saying goes on our Composable Double Link in gold you can add to your customised bracelet.

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