Black Friday and its special offers: what’s the story of this tradition?


Black Friday is nowadays an established custom in many Countries: but which are the origins of this nice tradition which allow us to make big deals buying everything we want the most?

Let’s find out together the origin of Black Friday and let the shopping begin! This year the big deals day will be on Friday 24th November: what about thinking on Christmas presents to benefit from the special offers on many Nomination jewels?

From the United States to rest of the world: the origin of Black Friday

The origin of this day dedicated to sales and special offers comes directly from the United States. It was here that, since the 60’s, on Friday following Thanksgiving Day, many retailers started to offer big discounts to increase their sales and encourage Christmas shopping.

This action had a huge success to the pioneer of this trick. That’s why many other retailers decided to join the initiative. In the United States, it represents an established custom, which recently spread also outside America.

Where the name Black Friday come from?

There are different theories concerning the origin of the name “Black Friday” and it is currently complicated to decide which one is the most truthful. One of the leading hypothesis says that the big deals Friday should be “black” because, in the past, retailers would use black ink on their financial records to show positive amounts. In such a day, the black pen was used much more that the red one – used to show negative amounts – thanks to the huge amount of sales.

Others say that the name Black Friday came from the crowds and the traffic congestion through the streets of the cities due to this occasion: it seems that the first people who use this expression were the Philadelphia police officers during the 60’s.

Christmas Shopping: let’s benefit from the Black Friday deals!

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