The best destinations in the world for sustainable tourism


Recently there’s been an increased awareness surrounding a different type of tourism which is more sustainable, and whose approach is to immerse yourself in the place you’re visiting while respecting local traditions.

Travel involves discovering new countries, enriching yourself culturally, and experiencing first-hand different customs and traditions. Travelling always means, in one way or another, learning about yourself, taking with you something special that you care about.

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What is sustainable tourism?

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Responsible tourism’s main objective is to protect the environment and biodiversity of the places you visit, as well as to keep safe the cultural integrity of the populations that live there. It starts with the planning of your travel itinerary.

Choosing the least polluting means of transportation and doing activities which are compatible with the ecosystem help safeguard the environment and natural beauty of your holiday destination dedicated to eco-sustainable tourism.

Sustainable tourism: a few dream destinations

The International Day for Biological Diversity falls on May 22nd, reminding us of the importance of defending and protecting biodiversity, which is also fundamental when we travel.

So in which of the most stunning countries is it possible to combine ecotourism and fun? Here are a few of the most spectacular places for an unforgettable vacation.

An eco-sustainable African safari with the perfect good-luck charms

Africa is an emotion which only the millions of stars in the sky can come close to describing. And this Composable Link will remind you of this every moment of every day.

Between uncontaminated nature and wild animals, the experience of a safari will stay with you forever. But how can you create a truly sustainable safari? It’s important to hire a guide who is knowledgeable and aware, not feed the animals, not use flash photography and respect the natural silence. Here are some animals of the Savannah you can keep with you always.

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An eco-sustainable European trip

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One place we suggest is Holland, known for its extensive use of zero-impact bicycles and bike paths. To celebrate the occasion, wear the symbol for sustainability: the windmill!

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Another stop on the tour you can take is Finland, with its eco-sustainable structures, where nature is truly the symbol of the nation's design aesthetic born with the Arts and Crafts and Art Nouveau movements of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Take with you this Link dedicated to the principle monument of the capital of Finland, Helsinki.

Another place to go for sustainable tourism is Lyngenfjord, a region in northern Norway which deserves its place among the best destinations for eco-travellers thanks to its daily commitment to preserving nature and the environment.

You can admire the breathtaking splendour of the aurora borealis through the high mountaintops and glaciers. Carry with you and show off the gemstones of the flag of this incredible country!

Sustainability is a harmonious relationship with the natural world and there are many countries in which to practice sustainable tourism. Wear enchanting Nomination jewellery on your zero-impact trips and let the places you visit shine through you.