Back to school after the summer holiday: no stress!


Summer is about to end and the first day back to school is approaching. After all these months spent in the sun, fun, freedom and relaxation, your routine is about to restart. But there are so many reasons to be happy to get back to school.

There is another way to look at the return to school after the summer holidays: just think of the desire to see your friends greeted at the end of the school year and try to put into action all your good intentions gained during the summer time. If you really want to start on the right foot, then do it with all the possible positive energy.

Keep calm and smile

"Keep calm and carry on", a famous English saying, whose origin dates back to 1939 - the period of the Second World War - was aimed to keep the English people’s spirits up by helping them to lead their lives without panicking.

NO PANIC! Smile at life and positively face the new school year, because life is beautiful and, especially when fatigue or stress are beginning to show , never forget to bring with you the mantra "Bella la Vita", engraved on the Nomination Special Edition plaque in steel with pink gold coating.

No drama, be ready to see your friends instead

The end of summer always makes you melancholic but the beginning of school can serve to get your act together, because it is the perfect occasion to find your classmates and talking about the wonderful holidays just spent.

Composable Bracelets

You know, who finds a friend finds a treasure and the best cure for the sadness to get back to school after the summer break is certainly to re-embrace all closest friends. Friendship is the best medicine for a good mood! Keep that in mind helped by a Link or a Charm especially dedicated to Friendship, to be added to Composable Bracelets.

Pick up a lucky charm to take with you all year round

Whether you believe in luck (or bad luck) or not, why not treat yourself to a nice charm for everyday wear?

A symbol able to give you positive energy, make people smile and start every school day in the best possible way. All Fantasy-themed Links are fun and simply perfect. Ironic and colourful, they will give you the right boost each day of this new school year.

Composable Bracelets

If you prefer a classic symbol able to bring you luck while you’re busy with the hardest school exam*, you can choose between a steel and silver pendant shaped like a ladybug or a stretch bracelet with the engraving of three four-leaf clovers with Cubic Zirconia.

So ... No Drama, just as the Double Link Tile in Steel of the Composable Classic Collection says, and be ready to start this new school year!