5 ways to wear a long necklace


The necklace is, without a doubt, one type of jewellery that’s capable of revolutionising a look. It’s an accessory that immediately catches your attention and carries the outfit. A necklace can be contemporary and minimal, a sign of simple elegance, or it can take on the role of a statement piece elaborate and full of gemstones and decorations. And it can be long or short, with pendant charms, straight or multi-strand.

There’s the perfect necklace for every outfit chosen based on the effect you want to create, chosen according to your clothes’ neckline, on your hairstyle, and if other jewellery is present. Here we’ve decided to concentrate on one specific type of necklace: long, which are the most versatile, and can be worn in lots of different ways in order to always create a new and different look.

Let’s take a peek at five fashion trends for wearing long necklaces.

#1 Long pendant necklaces for casual outfits

Long pendant necklaces are one of those accessories that never goes out of style: many women choose symbols, hearts, feathers and letters in the form of relatively large pendants to decorate their jewellery, and which can be worn on many different occasions.

For example, a long pendant necklace goes perfectly with sporty looks. The iconic “sneakers, t-shirt and jeans” look gets more interesting when you add an ironic charm, especially when the charm has a special meaning. A long necklace with a moon-shaped pendant is always a good idea when you’re looking for a charm that will add a romantic touch to your days.

#2 A long necklace with pearls for a retro evening

Pearls have an old-world charm which makes them highly sought after by many women. And we don’t just mean the classic short strand of pearls: a long necklace with pearls is an accessory with a bit of a vintage flavour and should be worn on evenings out by the woman who wants a retro look.

Bella Moonlight Necklace with pearls

A black tube dress, a dress with a boat neck, or a strapless: dresses which recall 1920’s fashion go together perfectly with long pearl necklaces and immediately recreate the Charleston flapper look.

#3 Multi-strand necklaces for dresses and elegant evenings out

Long Necklace with stars and Cubic Zirconia

Another type of long necklace you can wear on special evenings is the multi-strand: several different chains draped over an asymmetric one shoulder top creates a bold look to wear to a fun party with friends.

The long multi-strand necklace is a statement piece and works best with monotone dress with minimal details, especially when the necklace has charms, appliqués and sparkling gemstones.

#4 Long necklace in rose gold for dreamy ensembles

The long necklace is an accessory that doesn’t have to be worn only in the evening or with elegant outfits: when you choose one with a simple design and delicate colours, you’ve got jewellery that’s perfect for light, airy daytime dresses. Why not go with a metal in warm tones?

Long Necklace in rose gold and coloured crystal

The long necklace in rose gold with pastel coloured crystals is perfect for flowy dresses with a classic round neckline for a look you can wear wherever the day takes you.

#5 The long silver necklace: a versatile accessory you can wear with many different looks

The final long necklace which should be found in every woman’s jewellery box is one that moves, like a chain and can be worn in many different ways. A long silver necklace with lots of hearts flows well with a strapless mini dress or one with a round neckline when kept long, but it can also be doubled around the neck or worn with other shorter necklaces to create depth when paired with different metals and colours.

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