30 years Nomination


Nomination celebrates 30 years in business. A long history that began in the 80s in Florence and continues down to today by preserving the features that have always distinguished the work of the company: passion, innovation, craftsmanship and Italianness.

But how were Nomination and the idea for its iconic bracelet, Composable, conceived? Let's revisit the fundamental milestones in this story!

Tradition, innovation and Italianness have always been part of the brand history

Craftsmanship, quality, innovation: since the eighties, Nomination and its jewellery convey values that remain unchanged over time.

Italianness is a fundamental character of the brand products: a Made in Italy product that starts with the Florentine goldsmith tradition, where ingenuity and innovation in design and materials come together to create ever-new and trendy jewellery.

In Nomination jewellery, the precious materials typical of the most classic jewellery, such as gold, silver and stones, come together with more modern elements, such as steel and enamels: as a matter of fact, it is with the Florentine brand that steel began to be used for the production of jewellery. In particular, this is done with the jewellery that still best represents the essence of Nomination: Composable.

The intuition that revolutionized Made in Italy jewellery

It was from a simple intuition by the one who would become the founder of Nomination, Paolo Gensini, that started the whole story.

After some experience in completely different fields of work, he began working first in the metal working industry and then in the goldsmith's shops in Florence. The idea came to him just by spending time in the goldsmith’s: why should jewellery be made only of gold and silver and be so expensive? Wouldn’t it be better if there was affordable jewellery for everyone?

From his experience in the metal working industry, the idea was conceived to introduce a new element in jewellery: steel, a more economical yet very durable material, to be worked and embellished with the more traditional gold and silver. Paolo Gensini thus began to produce his first steel bracelets, with the awareness that he had created a much more democratic type of jewellery. Initially, however, the more traditional goldsmiths were skeptical about such innovative creations, since they were not made with the precious materials used up to that time.

But things soon changed and the stainless steel bracelet, Composable, became an accessory appreciated by men and women and imitated all over the world. It is at this point in the story that Nomination was born. The first Composable pieces were those on which you could spell out your own name by uniting many Links with the letters of the alphabet: the term "Nomination" is, in fact, of Latin origin and it means precisely "give the name".

Quality that lasts over time

The features that made the Composable Bracelet famous are part of all the jewellery collections created throughout the history of Nomination.

We are talking about craftsmanship, attention to detail, the sophistication of shapes, the quality of the materials that have always been part of Nomination and its guarantee of offering 100% Made in Italy products.

The use of high quality raw materials, the constant monitoring of every stage of the creation process and decades of experience in the field of artisanal jewellery make Nomination jewellery a synonym for durability and strength. And if you want to make sure your Composable continues to shine over the years like the first time you wore it, just give the bracelet’s links a little attention.

What attention? A gentle cleaning with the Composable cloth. Designed as a special gadget to celebrate Nomination’s 30th anniversary, the cleaning cloth was created with only the purest cotton and is able to both care for and clean your jewellery at the same time.

As a matter of fact, the inside of the cloth contains a special formula to clean precious metals, which is also able to create a barrier to counteract oxidation. The outside completes the cleaning treatment: after wiping the links with the inside of the cloth, just use the other side to immediately make it bright and shiny.

“Bella La Vita!”

From Paolo Gensini's favorite exclamation comes the special edition bracelet that celebrates Nomination’s 30th anniversary. The unmistakable design of the classic Composable in steel and silver is enriched with a double link that celebrates life, which is unpredictable and always extraordinary. Along side the silver version, yellow gold and rose gold versions have also been made. A bracelet that wants to thank the faithful Nomination customers, reminding them how beautiful life is!